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January 1, 2000



More than 170 free men and women from all England and Scotland travelled the many miles of rain soaked mountains and valleys to support the men of Bristol on the borders of Scotland.

Amongst the throng came 15 souls of the Vale of the Severn River.

The wind blew hard and the i wind blew cold. The rain lashed sideways and into the faces of the pirate crew. Still the fight was even; it was anybody’s battle until Danny the Coles lunged for glory and fell to the mighty red card; before we could knew it we were 2-0 down and facing a heavy defeat.

But! It mattered not because that was our men out there with new leader David Penney at the fore and they were fighting for us… so we began to sing and chant and nothing was going to beat us. We bared our noble West Country chests and chanted for our very lives…”Dave Penney’s Barmy Army BRFC,” goal three, “Dave Penney’s Barmy Army BRFC,” penalty shout, “Dave Penney’s Barmy Army BRFC,” goal four, “Dave Penney’s Barmy Army BRFC,” final whistle, “Dave Penney’s Barmy Army BRFC.” Wind and rain, head back whence we came, down yet to rise again.

 So we lost, but remember we have this one chance, one chance to be heard, one chance to stand tall and sing, because they may score their goals and take our points but they can never take our passion, our unity and our freedom to sing and chant.

Bring on the other battles, our away support will never falter and the points will be ours one day soon. The 172 good and true blue can stand proud. We won that day on the terraces and in the stands against all the odds; up the Gas.

Just as a footnote, Severn Vale Gas is nearly a year old now, we are doing rather well can walk properly and can even string a few sentences together, as long as we have not had too many bears, oops, beers on the way. We have not missed a game this season, home or away, and that is the way it will always be, we run 15 and 17 seat mini buses from Gloucester to Aztec West and generally run an hour earlier than the Supporters Club Coach (we like to get there early just in case). We are official and are covered by the same insurance arrangements, in the case of postponed games, as all other Supporters Club travel.

It also looks like next season we will be running another service for our Yate and Sodbury members and the Staple Hill, Downend areas too. If you fancy conning along please say ‘Hi’ in the club house, or come to a meeting on the last Thursday of the month at the Railway Inn, Charfield or just plain old e mail us at [email protected]


All profit goes back to the branch funds for the benefit of members or to help the football club in any way possible, so see you soon at the Railway or in the Bristol Room on matchdays.


Ivan ‘Badger’ Stinchcombe. Severn Vale Branch Organiser

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