Email addresses needed please

January 1, 2000

Help us to keep you up to date

The Share Scheme committee has decided to try and collect email addresses from as many members as possible so that we can send them more regular updates on the scheme.

We will continue to post news in this programme and on the Supporters Club website. We are updating our database to make it easier send out emails and even note those who do not have email. We would also like to know of any other changes in your contact details. Please email Clare McDonagh at [email protected] so she can capture you email address or, alternately, phone Clare on 0117 9524001 or send Clare a letter at Pirate Leisure if you do not have access to broadband.

 You can always drop a note into Pirate Leisure on a matchday, or direct to Clare in the ticket collections booth by the Memorial Gate. We would be very interested to hear from anyone who would like to get involved with helping the Share Scheme committee, particularly anyone with IT skills who could help develop our database.

If you would like to join, or introduce someone else, please contact Clare. If you would simply like to know more about the scheme, then please contact David Brain on 07765 254110 or [email protected]


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