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January 1, 2000



BRSC programme notes compiled by Dennis Payter



 Jim Chappell

The Supporters Club’s 50/50 Draw produced its biggest prize of the season so far for the Swindon match, breaking the £900 barrier.

It was common place for the draw to exceed £1,000 prizes for big games in past campaigns but with the recession, lack of home cup ties and a fall in attendances this term we have yet to break that magic figure this time round.

The Swindon match draw took the net income past the £10k barrier meaning that you have coughed up in excess of £20,000 so far this season, so well done to you and all our sellers and helpers who have made the draw such a great success. I suppose it just had to be that the biggest prize of the season should be won by our Chairman, Nick Higgs. A fix! I hear the sceptics cry but of course you have to buy a ticket to win and Sandra Jaques always sells plenty in the boardroom every game! On receiving his winnings Nick immediately donated the money to the Rovers Youth Scheme – again most appropriate as it is Rovers Youth who we currently sponsor via the 50/50 Draw, so that vitally important department of the club benefited to the tune of nearly £2,000 from just one game. Yet again it was appropriate at the end of a week that saw Rovers exit the FA Youth Cup rather unfortunately after an excellent fighting performance against Aston Villa.


We still have a great chance of winning the South West Youth Alliance, although the prime aim is to produce players for Rovers’ first team so every penny raised will help achieve both those goals. Well played lads and to every one of you who buys a ticket, or helps to sell them!


Still on the 50/50 theme, the Hartlepool match draw was made by our erstwhile on loan goalkeeper Mikkel Andersen who was visiting after returning to his parent club Reading. Whatever you think of Mikkel as a ‘keeper he was a great player to have around the club with his infectious enthusiasm and wonderful rapport with the fans and it was a pleasure to have him back even if only for the evening. It seems that Mikkel has a soft spot for Rovers that will remain with him throughout his career and let’s hope that all today’s charges eventually feel the same way about us! We fans have to generate that ‘all inclusive’ feeling so get behind the boys in quarters for this very difficult game this evening.

Up the Pirates!

 Jim Chappell, BRSC Chairman

 50/50 v SWINDON

As reported in Jim Chappell’s notes, club Chairman Nick Higgs won the £963 prize and promptly donated it to Youth Department, a gesture that was greatly appreciated. Mr Higgs had ticket number 60026 which was sold by Sandra Jagues in the DAS Stand.


 Tonight we hope to be presenting Alan Carter with the signed shirt he won in the draw at the Hartlepool game and Robert Hammett with the signed shirt he won at the Swindon game.

If we have still not managed to contact you, will you please telephone Clare on 0117 952 4001 or [email protected]

 At the Swindon game Richard Collins collected the signed shirt which he won in the draw at the Walsall game.



 It has been drawn to our attention that several supporters have been booked for parking in the spaces outside the BRSC Shop at 199 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood.

 Will customers please note that NO PARKING is permitted between 7.30am and 9.30am or 4.30pm and 6.00 pm. This is despite the four spaces outside the shop having effectively become almost a layby’ as a result of the ‘Showcase bus route’ changes to the adjacent bus stop. Parking wardens appear to have been paying particular attention to this stretch of road.


The correct answer to our Peter Shilton competition was that he won 125 England caps. The winner of two tickets to see the goalkeeper’s show at The Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton, was Matt Andrews of Kingswood.



All remaining Saturday games are now booked.

Eagle Coaches are not available for evening games and the Colchester, Bournemouth and Peterborough games are still available if you can make your own way to the ground. Applications to [email protected] or (07765) 254110.



Janet Dye, of Yate, won £35 at the FA Youth Cup game with ticket 63264 sold by Dave Hewett in the DAS Stand.




Share Scheme Chairman David Brain hands over another signed shirt


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