Ken’s Walk – Day 6

January 1, 2000


Ken Masters received a major boost this afternoon, when he met Adam Stansfield’s father Roger at Exeter City’s St James Park.

Rovers director Ken was struggling after a tough 20 mile walk on Sunday, but meeting the late players dad has reminded him why he is doing the charity trek.

He now has a renewed spring in his step as he starts the homeward bound stretch of his walk.

Ken is walking between Bristol Rovers, Yeovil Town and Exeter City in memory of Adam Stansfield. The walk coincides with Rovers visit to Yeovil last Saturday and Exeter’s trip to the Memorial Stadium this coming weekend.He is currently on the way to Broadcliff, where he will be stopping for the day, before setting off for Wellington tomorrow.

He told “It was a major boost to me to meet Roger Stansfield today at the Exeter ground, it really reminded me why I am doing this.

“I had a tough day on Sunday, where I walked the longest leg of the trip so far, and ended up getting completely soaked.

“I started the walk in high spirits because of the win on Saturday, but it was a very hard day, and I started to doubt myself for the first time.

“My spirits were low when I went to bed last night, but I had a good night’s sleep and felt better, and meeting Adam’s father has really put the spring back in my step.

“We had a good chat and it was a little bit emotional, but I am now really determined to complete this challenge.”

Ken has now been walking for a week, and he says that the pain is starting to kick in.

He said: “It is starting to get tough now, this is not some jolly, it is a lot of walking and I am starting to feel the pain.

“Thankfully though I now feel as if I am on the way back home, so I have the determination in me to make sure I finish.”

Ken will now be heading up to Wellington, but he hopes to make the game against Bournemouth tomorrow night, if he can find the transport.

The Adam Stanfield Football Foundation has been set-up to support and encourage participation in youth football across the South West region.

The Foundation has been formed in memory of Adam who died on August 10 last year at the age of just 31 from bowel cancer.

Ken, 66, whose wife has recently recovered from a major bowel operation, has wanted to do something to raise money for the Foundation for some time.

He will be walking a total of around 180 miles, averaging up to 18 miles a day.

A Just Giving page is currently being set up for those wishing to donate to the cause, but in the meantime, anyone who would like to offer donations or a bed for the night should contact Kirsty Pugh at the club on 0117 9524003 or email [email protected]


To find out more about the Adam Stansfield Foundation click here


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