Day 7 of Ken’s walk

January 1, 2000

Ken Masters has upped his pace today to allow him to come to tonight’s game.

The director has been walking at a faster speed to make sure he has time to get a lift up to Bristol for tonight’s match against Bournemouth.

The added pace has left Ken with sore legs, but at this stage of the season, he doesn’t want to miss a single game.

Ken is walking between Bristol Rovers, Yeovil Town and Exeter City in memory of Adam Stansfield. The walk coincides with Rovers visit to Yeovil last Saturday and Exeter’s trip to the Memorial Stadium this coming weekend.

He will be walking until about 4.30pm today and aims to get to the outskirts of Wellington before stopping for the day.

He told “I really wanted to come to tonight’s game so I am going faster than normal, and I must admit that it hurts.

“I am not carrying any injury, and my feet are fine, so I don’t have a problem, it is just a bit sore. Phil Kite has helped me to protect my feet, so if he could just get me a second pair of legs everything would be fine!!

“Today I have walked through Cullompton on my way up to Wellington, and it has been very hilly. The views are great and in the first week I really enjoyed looking at the scenery, but now I am concentrating on walking.

“The route should start to get flatter from tomorrow, and I am looking forward to walking the Somerset levels and leaving the Devon hills behind.

“Tomorrow I hope to settle back into a slower pace, but I will have to walk a bit longer to make up for stopping early today.

“One bonus of all this walking is that I am definitely starting to feel thinner!”

The Adam Stanfield Football Foundation has been set-up to support and encourage participation in youth football across the South West region.

The Foundation has been formed in memory of Adam who died on August 10 last year at the age of just 31 from bowel cancer.

Ken, 66, whose wife has recently recovered from a major bowel operation, has wanted to do something to raise money for the Foundation for some time.

He will be walking a total of around 180 miles, averaging up to 18 miles a day.

If you see Ken this evening, make sure you wish him well and if you can spare any spare change, then why not talk to him about sponsoring him?

A Just Giving page is currently being set up for those wishing to donate to the cause, but in the meantime, anyone who would like to offer donations or a bed for the night should contact Kirsty Pugh at the club on 0117 9524003 or email [email protected]

To find out more about the Adam Stansfield Foundation click here


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