Ken’s walk – Day 8

January 1, 2000

Ken Masters was given another boost today – in the form of some company for two days of this walk.

Gashead Adrian Parker from West-super-Mare joined up with Ken this morning on the outskirts of Wellington and will walk with him until they reach Weston tomorrow.

Adrian is training to walk up Kilimanjaro later in the year, so offered to accompany Ken for part of his West Country trek.

Ken is walking between Bristol Rovers, Yeovil Town and Exeter City in memory of Adam Stansfield. The walk coincides with Rovers visit to Yeovil last Saturday and Exeter’s trip to the Memorial Stadium this coming weekend.

Ken says the company, coupled with the good weather, has made a massive difference, and really given him a boost.

He told “I am delighted to be joined by Adrian today, it makes a huge difference having someone to talk to.

“We have been having a great chat about the game and it has boosted my morale to have a bit of company. Adrian is a top man, and has managed to raise over 100 pounds by holding an Easter Egg raffle in his shop.

“It also helps that the weather is really nice and I can wear lighter clothes – I think this is the first day I have been able to walk in a t-shirt.

“We started walking on the other side of Wellington this morning, and the aim is to get to Bridgwater before we stop. Then tomorrow we will walk all the way to Weston.

Ken was delighted that he made the decision to come back for the game last night, and has now christened the challenge the ‘nine points walk.’

He said: “I definitely made the right decision to come back for the game last night and I have now started calling this the ‘nine point walk’.

“My only worry is that we have been winning since I started the walk, and if we win again on Saturday, people are going to make me go round again to make sure we keep picking up points!

“I have come a long way and I am making my way back to Bristol now, but like the team there is still a long way to go and a lot of hard work to put in.”

The Adam Stanfield Football Foundation has been set-up to support and encourage participation in youth football across the South West region.

The Foundation has been formed in memory of Adam who died on August 10 last year at the age of just 31 from bowel cancer.

Ken, 66, whose wife has recently recovered from a major bowel operation, has wanted to do something to raise money for the Foundation for some time.

He will be walking a total of around 180 miles, averaging up to 18 miles a day.

A Just Giving page is currently being set up for those wishing to donate to the cause, but in the meantime, anyone who would like to offer donations or a bed for the night should contact Kirsty Pugh at the club on 0117 9524003 or email [email protected]

To find out more about the Adam Stansfield Foundation click here



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