Annual Gold Bond Jackpot Draw

January 1, 2000


THE £10,000 Annual Gold Bond Jackpot Draw 

Last Friday following the normal Gold Bond Weekly Draw we then had a separate draw to find the 3 finalists for the Annual £10,000 Super Draw.   

At half time on Saturday at the Blackpool vs Bolton football game the the three finalists will meet on the pitch for a final draw which will results in one of our 3 finalists walking off the pitch £10,000 richer with the 2 runner ups receiving a consolation of £500 each.  

The 3 finalists for the £10,000 Annual Super Draw 2011 are:-



Mr David Tomlinson 

Miss N Garforth 

Mr G Smallman


<p class=”western”>For every week that you pay into the Gold Bond Weekly Draw you will receive one entry into the Annual Draw so if you join NOW on our online website you will have at least 52 chances in next year’s draw!

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