News from Open Forum at BRSC AGM

January 1, 2000


by Dennis Payter

Paul Buckle urged the audience at the Supporters Club annual general meeting for patience and said they were working hard to get the club back where we want them to be.

He said: “I understand the fans here are very passionate and are not used to losing. You have had bad times but keep coming again. I can fabricate things but I have no excuses and I understand the passion and hurt here.

But you must understand what happened last year is not the fault of the players who are now here.

We were poor against Aldershot, but the atmosphere in the ground was poor. There has been an atmosphere and blame culture but we are not to blame for what happened in the past.

 “We have to change the mentality here. There were players here last season who were lazy and just wanted to pick up the money, but they have now gone down the road. We have brought 18 players in and they have to gel together. Some have been coached by different teams and we need time to bring them together.

We are doing our damndest to put a team together for Bristol Rovers. I didn’t have to come here, I was headhunted because of my success at Torquay and I am here because I want to be here.

I am adamant we will be force but we need your support.

I didn’t like it when fans were jeering when we were going long then cheering when we played it short. It doesn’t say on the ticket come in and jeer. What is booing going to achieve, we don’t need these people, we want everyone to get behind the team..

Win, lose or draw we will still clap the fans and I am confident in the end that we will change it around.”

Mr Buckle confirmed that Stuart Campbell had been offered a coaching role at the club. The manager said: “We are trying to work out something that will be beneficial to Stuart and Bristol Rovers.”


Nick Higgs told the meeting: “I don’t think the club has recovered properly from being relegated to Division Two eight years ago. We are trying to rebuild it and the new stadium will take this club forward. Everything is moving along nicely with the stadium. Sainsburys are about to submit their plans for the Memorial Stadium for consultation.”


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