R.I.P. Alfie Biggs

January 1, 2000

  R.I.P. Alf – the ‘Baron of Eastville’!


Along with every Rovers supporter who followed the club through the 1950’s and early 60’s I feel the greatest sadness at news of the passing of Alfie Biggs – a player who I have always rated second only to his erstwhile team-mate Geoff Bradford. Along with Georgie Petherbridge, Dai Ward and the also recently departed Peter Hooper
they formed what must have been the ‘Pirates’ greatest-ever forward line. A front five that had everything – pace, power, trickery, fantastic shooting and heading and a ‘never-say die’ attitude. Alf possessed most of those attributes himself and, like Geoff, he was of course a proud Bristolian adored by the massive crowds who followed Rovers at Eastville during those halcyon days. That alone was enough to make the ‘Baron’ a fan’s favourite but Alf was also ‘one of us’, walking into the ground in one of his trademark smart suits, having a game of snooker in the Eastville Club and usually a ‘pint’ before running-out and battering the opposition into submission!

Alf was a great goalscorer, second only to Bradford in Rovers’ history and, for the benefit of younger supporters who never had the pleasure of seeing him play, could be described as the Rickie Lambert of his day, only better! The mighty ‘Busby Babes’ had no answer to him in 1956 and seven years later he was still good enough to smash Rovers’
record tally for most goals in a season, the last man to score more than thirty and it’s a record that stands to this day. Whilst Alf won several representative honours for the Football league and the F.A., I’m sure that had he played for a London club, (there was much bias against provincial sides back then), he would have followed Geoff in
playing for his country.

Bristol Rovers has just lost one of its greatest players, and a really nice bloke. Alfie Biggs should be remembered as a true Rovers’ legend for that is what he was and he will be sadly missed by everyone who saw him play and had the pleasure of knowing him. The Supporters Club sends sincere condolences to all his family during this sad time.

Jim Chappell

BRSC Chairman

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