Back from your holidays?

January 1, 2000

 If you are back from your holidays and are left with unwanted foreign coins, why not donate them to us, so we can raise funds for the sharescheme?  


We would also like any old coins even if it they are not in current use such as francs or pesetas, or they can be old English coins as well such as farthings or halfpennies.  

The Sharescheme is edging ever closer to the magical £million mark and who knows, your donated euro, dollar or rupee could be changed up into the actual £millionth pound raised?

Of course, we still want your English pennies as well, and any spare change (sterling or any other currency) can be donated to the sharescheme via the collection tins in the shops at 199 and Pirate Leisure.  On matchdays, the donation tins can also be found at the Supporters Club portacabin shop and with the programme sellers at the Memorial Gates



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