Stadium Proposal Open Evening Report

January 1, 2000


The development of plans for the regeneration of the Memorial Stadium continues and several groups of local residents turned up at the stadium for both of the two public exhibitions of the plans as they currently stand. Roger Cooper, who is co-ordinating the consultation exercise on behalf of the Football Club, was pleased with the outcome saying “Consultation is a vital part of the development process and we have set out what we intend to do in order to keep people informed in a strategy document that can be downloaded from both the Football Club and Supporters Club websites.”

He continued, “One of the encouraging aspects of the discussions at these meetings was a general recognition that the stadium is not sustainable in its current state. The facilities it provides fall short of the requirements of both the Football League and the Rugby Union in relation to the amount of seating available. Also, the social facilities need to be brought up to current day standards and expectations.”

The residents who attended the open evenings also recognised the conceptual nature of the plans as they stand at the moment and accepted that the eventual design will be heavily influenced by the consultation process.


Roger spoke of the input from local residents who came along to have a look and listen to a short presentation. “I think the residents also appreciated the opportunity to put across their concerns with the proposals and made several suggestions for addressing them. We have produced a feedback sheet for people to use and this is also available on the Club website.”

“We believe this regeneration scheme with its incorporation of community facilities to build on our existing community activities is a big step forward, not just for the Football and Rugby Clubs but also for the city of Bristol as a whole and is an opportunity for the city to make up a bit of lost ground on some of the other cities around the country. After that we just have to follow the Rugby Club’s example and get it right on the field of play!!”


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