BRSC Director – Ken Masters

January 1, 2000

The aims and objectives of the Supporters Directors for 2008 are:
The Supporters Club has two directors to represent them on the main board of the football club and will be bound by the constitution of BRSC
The two Supporters Club director representatives shall between them oversee the four Business Committees and the Share Scheme as agreed by the SCE.
The directors shall support the elected Chairman of the respective Business Committee in delivery of their aims and objectives and in upholding the Supporters Club Rules and Constitution relevant to that business Committee.
The split of responsibilities of the respective directors is:-
•    Share Scheme Committee (as Chairman) – David Brain
•    Commercial Committee – David Brain
•    Communications Committee – Ken Masters
•    Social Committee – Ken Masters
•    Match day Committee – Ken Masters
Regardless of the specific responsibilities, to respective business committees, both directors will work across the whole operation of the supporters club to establish the director’s positions as an active communication link between the supporters and the BRFC Board of Directors. Notwithstanding this, the Supporters Club Directors shall be bound by confidentiality in respect of the BRFC Board. Subject to their overriding obligation to the Board of BRFC, the Supporters Club Directors shall work closely with each other and with the BRSC Committee and at all times promote and uphold the objectives of BRSC.
The focus areas for Ken masters for 2008 are:
Bristol Rovers Supporters Club
Aim: To oversee and support the work of the Social, Match day and Communications Committees.
•    To consolidate good relationships with the leaders and members of the committees
•    To encourage and recruit active members to the committees
•    To support the development of a wide range of social activities for members
•    To consider the bad behaviour of supporters on away day travel and to report and take action appropriately
•    To consider the abuse of supporters on away day travel and to report and take action appropriately
•    To consolidate current means of communication
•    To continue with the practice of direct face to face communication with supporters on match days
•    To contribute to development and operation of the Supporters Club Web site
•    To recruit a member to lead on the web site operation
•    To continue to contribute to the Supporters Club columns in the match day Pirate
•    To continue to report views and feelings of supporters to the Board of the Football Club

Bristol Rovers Football Club

Aim:  To support the work of the Football in the Community and the Bristol Rovers Study Centre.
•    To work with the Centre Manager to consolidate the newly acquired Playing for Success Centre
•    To develop the work of  FITC following recent changes to funding and administration by The Football League
•    To lead the work of PfS West Region as Chairman of the Trust
•    To draw up a funding strategy for FITC
•    To contribute to the development of broader links with local schools
•    To encourage wide ranging opportunities for children
•    To encourage attendance at the Study Centre celebration evenings
•    To actively work with FITC on match day Saturday mornings
•    To promote the work of the Centre and FITC through PR and the match day Pirate
•    To consider ways of combining joint experiences and  skill sharing of the PfS and FITC teams
•    To contribute to joint projects and funding of PfS and FITC
•    To report activity and events to the Board the regular monthly meetings
•    To continue to communicate through the Around Rovers column in the match day Pirate

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