BRSC Official Press Release

January 1, 2000


Supporters Club Chairman John Malyckyj has issued the following statement regarding the resignations of three directors of Bristol Rovers Football Club this week.

“We were sorry to learn that Colin Williams resigned from the board of Bristol Rovers this afternoon. Like Mike Turl and Kevin Spencer, Colin has been a very hard working and very visible director in the eyes of all supporters. In my view this represents a further blow to the well being of Bristol Rovers Football Club.

Yesterday Kim Stuckey issued a statement, which basically stated the policy of Bristol Rovers Supporters Club Executive Committee in connection with the discussions that have been going on over a number of weeks. Mr Turl’s proposal was discussed at our last meeting and it was agreed that if a vote was to be taken within the boardroom Kim would indicate our support for it. 

In taking this decision we realised the implications that it would have for chairman Geoff Dunford and his colleagues, but based on the information provided it appeared to provide a real opportunity to begin the task of taking Bristol Rovers forward once again.

The loss of Mike Turl, Kevin Spencer and Colin Williams represents a hammer blow to Bristol Rovers and in my view their return to the board and the implementation of Mike’s plan should be a priority for everyone.

Geoff Dunford has stated publicly more than once that boardroom decisions were taken democratically on the basis of one member one vote. It is therefore a matter of some regret that it would appear that this principle was not applied to deal with this situation, although it is accepted that Mr Dunford could ultimately have used his shareholding to resolve the issue had he been defeated in the boardroom.

This situation has raised a number of issues. The Supporters Club has a full director and an associate director as a result of the Share Scheme, which since its launch has raised £500,000 to support the Football Club during a particularly difficult period. This places a great responsibility upon us. The Supporters Club was created in 1947 to “support” the Football Club and we have done so almost unconditionally since inception. We now have a duty to discharge to those people who contribute to the Share Scheme to ensure that their “investment” secures our objectives. To do so we need to have confidence that the direction of the board of Bristol Rovers is taking us to a position where these objectives can be achieved.

The Club cannot go on moving from one cash crisis to another and Mr Turl’s plan appeared to represent the best possible chance of breaking out of that cycle. We therefore await the details of Geoff Dunford’s proposals with great interest and hope that Kim Stuckey who has performed his boardroom duties with great skill and drive will be able to continue in this important role. He will need to be convinced that this can take the Club forward and we have every confidence in his ability to make that judgement.

There are those who wish the Supporters Club to adopt what appears to be a “crash and burn” policy in dealing with this issue. I have a responsibility to ensure that we continue to have a good working relationship with the Football Club because the activities of the Supporters Club are so closely intertwined as we do so much for them, we also have the welfare and well being of our paid staff to consider. So reaching a position whereby our relationship with the Football Club breaks down completely is a direction in which we cannot go.

However the Football Club must be clear that our members will need to be convinced that continuing to contribute to the Share Scheme will give them a meaningful say in the running of the Football Club and this must be the basis of our discussions with them in the next few weeks. In the mean time both Kim and myself would ask you to continue with your Share Scheme payments”

John Malyckyj

BRSC Chair


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