Message from the Chairman

January 1, 2000

Well, it was third time lucky for Ken Masters at the Supporters Club EGM/AGM when he turned out to be the winner in our election for nomination of a full Directorship on the Board of the Football Club. Ken’s nomination will have to be ratified by the Board at their next meeting on the 4th December, but I’m sure that this will be a mere formality and that he will prove to be a great asset in the role vacated by the resignation of Kim Stuckey back in August. Ken has long been a tireless worker on behalf of the club with several successful initiatives including gathering a set of runners under Rovers’ banner in the Bristol Half-Marathon. Whilst Ken fully deserves his nomination there had, of course, to be a loser and it’s a great shame that his opponent Clive Farquhar failed on his first attempt. Clive has also been a great worker for the club and has provided valuable assistance in setting up our accounts package, which for one thing, made the annual report much easier to understand. I sincerely hope that Clive continues his work for us and that he takes the opportunity to stand again when the next vacancy occurs.

Talking of vacancies, there are of course plenty on the Supporters Club’s various committees, especially on the Executive. After the stormy political events of the summer, those of us left on the main committee expected an equally stormy AGM but, in the event, this did not occur. In fact, as I mentioned in my notes last Sunday, we did not receive any nominations for vacancies apart from the two mentioned above for the directorship. Our long serving Treasurer Jane Browne and co-opted Matchday Committee Chairman Taff Alexander were therefore both re-elected unopposed. Share Scheme Chairman and Associate Director David Brain, who has suffered most from some quite awful personal insults on the various forums during the Autumn, again faced a few searching questions about the scheme from the floor at the AGM These he answered eloquently and with good grace, as he has all the questions aimed at him through the website but, those same questions highlighted a major problem that the Executive has faced following the bout of resignations since the start of the season. To carry out all the objectives of our now quite complex constitution, along with a couple of new ones instigated by the enlarged committee regime, requires a lot more people to take responsibility. We have, for example, no Chairman in case you hadn’t noticed! The Constitution leaves us in the position of having, by our reckoning, only six people eligible for the top post from a membership of around 3,000! Two of those already have executive positions, two are simply not interested in taking the post, and one has only recently resigned from it, leaving guess who to hold the reigns! As I myself resigned the position only eighteen months ago because of work commitments, which still exist today, we are left in a very difficult position. The reduced Executive is therefore left with some urgent items to consider in committee – a review of the constitution, a revamp of the Share Scheme, negotiation of the share price with the Board and, most importantly, the filling of the various committee positions. The election of Ken Masters will, I’m sure, be a great help but it still leaves an increased workload for a reduced number of people – one of whom has a 24-hour job, which takes no account of football activities! If any of you ordinary supporters feel that you might like to assist in any way we have an array of posts and activities that require a great variety of skills. You don’t necessarily have to stand up and make a speech, write a report or, be in the limelight in any way. My personal hope is that we can avoid any more public wrangling with the Football Club – that is not our task as I see it but, we have to protect the best interests of our members. We need more bodies to carry out these tasks and I appeal for your help. If you think you can in any way assist the club you love, contact me or any committee member at one of our three outlets – you know where we are!

Jim Chappell,
Acting Chairman

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