Latest Financial Figures

January 1, 2000

The board outlined the latest figures, to the end of the financial year, which will be presented to the AGM which will be held in April. The Board also outlined their revised forecast for 2006-07 financial results.  The finances have taken a positive upturn since those reported at the EGM.

The Board confirmed that the final take-up on the ‘Rights Issue’ was mainly from Board members with few of the other shareholders taking up their option. The SCE confirmed that it would be purchasing a large proportion of its ‘Rights Issue’ shares this month and hoped the remainder could be purchased as soon as there were sufficient funds in the share scheme account.

It was agreed that the ‘Financial Advisory Group’ (FAG) would be reconvened and that Clive Farquhar and Jane Browne would represent the SCE. A meeting is to be set up in the near future.


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