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January 1, 2000

Formed in March 2007 by the football historians, Mike Jay & Stephen Byrne*, Bristol Rovers Collectors’ and Historians’ Society (BRCHS) is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of the Rovers and hopes to bring together all those who are interested in any and every aspect of the football club’s colourful one hundred and twenty four year past. The ultimate goal is the establishment of a museum and archive at the club’s new stadium.

Rovers chairman Geoff Dunford has given his blessing: “An archive of Rovers material and memorabilia down the seasons is the perfect way to preserve the history of our proud club. I fully support the aims of the Society, which will endorse the role of the Rovers as a cherished local institution.”

BRCHS is looking to preserve all historical material relating to the Club. That includes match programmes & tickets, handbooks, fanzines, memorabilia, scrapbooks, newspaper cuttings, photographs, postcards, badges, player contracts, match worn & replica shirts, statistics, audio/video/dvd material, etc.; in fact, anything at all related to the club.

The Society does not requisition supporters’ collections. Instead it attempts to register them, thereby compiling a database of memorabilia and items so that such interesting items can be loaned for display at exhibitions or for publishing.

It also appeals to fans not to throw away any items related to the Rovers, but to donate them to the Society. If they wish, supporters can donate or bequeath their collections in the knowledge that they will be looked after by the Society. (Please note that BRCHS is bound to keep two original copies of items whenever possible; numbers in excess of this may be sold on to collectors to boost Society funds. This is particularly the case with donations of programmes or tickets, for instance.)

Members of the Society will have access to all items, receive a quarterly newsletter. A register of members will be published, and they will be actively encouraged to take on projects of interest.

BRCHS will hold quarterly meetings (hopefully at the Memorial Stadium) stage exhibitions, and publish items of interest to all Rovers supporters, including the comprehensive and well researched Bristol Rovers Programme Collectors’ Guide.

The Society is the main source of information on the history of the club. It is an active force in researching, recording and preserving all aspects of the Rovers with Society members participating in all these projects.

If you are interested in joining the Society, donating material to it or just registering a collection, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or write to BRCHS c/o The Memorial Stadium, Filton Avenue, Bristol BS7 OBF. Membership will cost £5 per calendar year once the Society has had its inaugural meeting.
* Mike Jay & Stephen Byrne are the Official Bristol Rovers historians and co authors of two well acclaimed publications Bristol Rovers: The Definitive History 1883-2003 (Tempus) and also Pirates in Profile: Who’s Who of Bristol Rovers players 1920-1994(Potten, Baber & Murray)

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