Win Rambo’s Shirt!

January 1, 2000

The Share Scheme Committee have acquired the Black Arab shirt worn by Andy Rammell. Those present will never forget that wonder strike away at Oxford. Andy’s shirt will be raffled later in the season and presented at a match. We are currently trying to contact Andy and invite him to sign and present the shirt to the lucky winner. The exact match will depend on arrangements to be made. The winner will be drawn by a free raffle open to the Share Scheme membership so there is an incentive to sign up if you are not already a member.


For individuals weekly membership of the Share Scheme begins at less than the price of a pint of beer. There are four different ordinary levels and a corporate level. These options are:


·        Bronze Option – £10.83 per month

·        Silver Option – £21.67 per month

·        Gold Option – £43.34 per month

·        Platinum Option – £83.34 per month.

·        Corporate Option – £100.00 per month.


The current membership of the Share Scheme at the end of September 2008 stands at:-















The total monthly income is £5,234

The total contributions into the Share Scheme are as follows:

  •     Cumulative contributions received from commencement of the Scheme totalled £753,804


  •     Cumulative Share Scheme contributions paid over by the Supporters Club to BRFC (1883) Ltd totalled £740,525


  •     Supporters Club total holding at 30th September 2008 was 342,110


  •     Total no. of issued ordinary shares in BRFC (1883) Ltd at 30th September 2008 was 4,021,634


  •     Percentage holding by Supporters Club was 8.51%

The Share Scheme runs through to December 2010 and joining information can be found our website:

The other way you can help is by introducing a friend to join the main scheme or even a small business to join our ‘Corporate Scheme’. The Corporate Scheme is £1,200 per year but with tax advantages this will effectively make the cost less than a Platinum subscription.  You could get your company on the ‘role of honor’ which would be good publicity.


If you would like to join or introduce someone else please contact Clare McDonagh at Pirate Leisure on (0117) 952 4001 </span>[email protected] If you would simply like to now more about the scheme then please contact David Brain; on (07765) 254110 or [email protected]


This is the last chance for those entitled to Matchday meals (and any of the other benefits) can I remind you that these need to be booked through Clare McDonagh at Pirate Leisure during office hours on (0117) 909 6648 or e-mail to [email protected]  Any members unsure of their entitlement can contact Clare for further advice.
The remaining match that has been designated for meals for those entitled is:-

Friday 14th

November 2007

– Scunthorpe


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