January 1, 2000

The Supporters Club chairman Jim Chappell has protested to Tranmere Rovers about its policy of allowing home fans admission for £5 when we play them on Sunday, April 5.

He also appeals to all our supporters not to try and gain admission to the home enclosures.

Below we publish his letter in full.



27th March 2009.
Dear Sirs,
I was both surprised and disappointed to learn that, despite protestations from BRFC, Tranmere Rovers are to proceed with a £5.00 entrance fee for all home supporters attending next Sunday’s match against Bristol Rovers, with no discount for visiting fans.
I am advised by the Bristol Rovers’ Secretary that such a discount is now permitted under Football League rule 31.2.11 provided that it is done only on a maximum of four occasions. Quite why the club Chairmen agreed to this rule change last summer is beyond me as it is simply a recipe for trouble, especially when the price differential is so great as that which you are planning – £5.00 against £17.50. Whilst it is permitted under the rule, surely it is morally indefensible to charge visiting supporters, (who already have significant travelling expenses to bear), £12.50 more than those who might be tempted from their Tranmere firesides.
Such a price differential will surely encourage many Bristol supporters to try and gain entry into home sections of the ground – it does not take much initiative to hide one’s colours, (they are alike anyway!), generally not say much or speak with a Merseyside accent and they will be in. If your discount scheme is the success you are obviously aiming for then you will have a lot of casual people attending anyway. Will your gate stewards or turnstile operators be able to tell who is who? I reckon not!

I sincerely trust that you will hastily reconsider doing what your recorded telephone message currently says and charge ‘£5.00 for everyone’ not just home supporters. At the very least you should be looking to give a substantial discount for visiting supporters otherwise you should not be surprised if trouble breaks out. I must say at this point that I have appealed through the Bristol Evening Post today for Bristol supporters NOT to try and gain entry into home areas of Prenton Park and will be repeating this request through our club website.
Should you persist with such an excessive price differential I would ask you to kindly explain your reasoning in writing so that we can publish it verbatim.
Very many thanks in advance for your consideration.
Yours in sport,
Jim Chappell


Bristol Rovers Supporters Club.

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