Green Un 3rd September

September 4, 2005


Another tough week for all Gasheads, with another 2-0 loss on the road at Notts County and Aaron Lescott sent off, but this was overshadowed with the big news late Wednesday night that has seen the shock departure of Ryan Williams, go on a months loan to Conference side Aldershot.
Rovers have taken young Luton prospect Michael Leary, a midfielder, on a one month deal, but distracted Gasheads have publicly made their feelings known at their disappointment Williams, a crowd favourite, was packed off on loan for a month.
The Supporters Club shops at the stadium and at Kingswood fielded calls from fans for most of the day on Thursday and the Supporters Club website was equally busy with the same sort of messages. On Thursday evening the Supporters Club chairman John Malyckyj released the following statement to the media;


Bristol Rovers Supporters Club Committee Chairman John Malyckyj has today contacted Geoff Dunford, Chairman of BRFC to express our deep concern about the circumstances surrounding the departure of Ryan Williams to Aldershot on a month’s loan.
The merits of Ryan Williams as a player can be debated, but to many fans he represents the spirit and commitment that our supporters want to see from our team. BRSC has conveyed its disquiet at the apparent treatment of the player by the manager, placing him on the transfer list without actually talking to him before his name was circulated.
It is felt that these actions tarnish the reputation of Bristol Rovers which as a club should have respect for the individual, be they player, staff or supporter.
Supporters Club staff at 199 Two Mile Hill and Pirate Leisure have fielded many, many calls from fans who share this sense of unease and frustration with the actions of the football club and this notice officially places the Supporters Club Committee concerns on record as well.

Additionally this week, the committee met for the monthly meeting. A range of topics was discussed, amongst which were the opening hours for the Supporters Club shop at 199 Two Mile Hill, Kingswood. We have always opened the shop on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening during the season, with committee volunteers doing duty nights. A number of factors have meant that this service is getting less and less use, so it has been decided that the Monday and Wednesday evenings will stop with immediate effect. For the time being Friday nights will continue and any change to that will be notified. Wednesday nights the shop will open for programme sales only. We hope this causes our customers as little inconvenience as possible, but with such low usage numbers this decision has been coming for some time now.
More news next week.


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