Looking After Our Customers

September 6, 2005


You will have seen the link for our Supporters Club members to win an Errea training top by simply sending your email details to [email protected]
As part of a review of the Supporters Club IT and retail operations, associate director Kim Stuckey and Supporters Club member Ian Pugh went to investigate an application called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at a number of football clubs.

This application keeps a single customer record for each supporter indicating their relationship with Rovers – season ticket holder, Helpline member, Share Scheme member etc. We can then tailor our communication with each supporter according to their customer “profile”. Well that’s enough of the boring IT stuff!

You could say there was quite a difference between the clubs we visited as two were Arsenal and Southend! The system at Highbury is being used to help sell season tickets for the new Emirates stadium, although to be honest there did not seem to be a lot of enthusisam for the use of the CRM system to keep supporters informed of events at Arsenal. The Southend experience was very interesting to see – they have many thousands of contacts and nearly a third of those contacts have an email address registered with the club. This allows Southend to send out a regular newsletter called Blues News via email to their supporters.

Bristol Rovers and the Supporters Club would like to keep in contact with you, our supporters, in the same way, so that is why having your email address is so important. We would be able to keep you informed of events, offers and updates, linked to the excellent new website for BRSC at www.bristolroverssc.co.uk.

As a first stage to a full CRM system, the Supporters Club is working towards updating our Venuemaster system. This will provide some good opportunities to link supporter records to emailings and contacts according to their customer profile. This upgrade will also provide an ability to link a Point of Sale system to the customer records as well. At the same time we are upgrading some of our “back office” computers so they can handle larger amounts of information and new applications.

We will continue to update you on the latest developments with the Supporters Club IT systems, all aimed at providing a better service to our members.

The Supporters Club would like to thank Ian Pugh and his wife for all their IT and retail advice and guidance over the past few months.

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