Tales from the Orient

September 11, 2005


An early start was in order for the trip to Leyton, especially given the reliability of the rail service. True to form the 8.01 from Parkway, became the 8.15. Reading my paper I was told I would “Recognise someone I’ve never met before” Now anyone who can explain that answers on a postcard.
After arriving at Paddington, we headed straight to Leyton and the Coach and Horses public house via a slight detour to Asda toilets on my part. £10 profit from the fruit machine financed a few drinks and started the day nicely.
£16 was expensive to get in, but I could almost say the game and the result were worth it. Junior was once again outstanding in a very good performance. The final few minutes were slightly nerve racking, but we came away with the right result. One thing I don’t understand given that away fans are segregated in grounds is that both sets of fans our able to mingle freely underneath the stand during half-time.
At the final whistle and applauding the team off, we dashed back round to the pub in time for Wales V England. I can’t say my attention was fully on the game, as I was enjoying myself and lapping up a great Rovers victory. I did manage however to annoy some cockney fellow by being in his way of the screen. The fact that he was sat down at the back of the room obviously had nothing to do with his line of sight being impaired. He did kindly offer me a chair, which I accepted gratefully.
We headed back to the tube station and back towards Paddington. Back in Paddington we went to the Dickens Tavern, after finding it a nice little pub previously back on the opening day of season.
I had to do a double take after glancing at the match on the big screen. Scotland 1 Italy 0.Trying to play pool after consuming a few drinks was quite difficult but fun none the less. I most note that the food was excellent, if a little pricey, but that’s London I suppose.
Apart from the 10 O’clock train being changed to twenty past again, I don’t recall much of the journey. I do know however that due to the late arrival of the train at Parkway my chauffeur had to hang around for three quarters of an hour. Well that’s what he’s paid for I suppose.
A great day and a great result.


This item has appeared previously in the match day programme The Pirate and appears here by kind permission of Keith Brookman.

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