Managerial Position At Rovers

September 22, 2005


The Supporters Club has appealed for unity amongst supporters following the departure of manager Ian Atkins.

“This has been a difficult few weeks for everyone connected with Rovers,” said chairman John Malyckyj.

“We are sorry that things have not worked out for Ian Atkins at Rovers. We would like to thank him for his efforts in stabilising the club over the last 16 months. He was always impressed with the work of the Supporters Club and especially the £14,000 a month contributed through the Supporters Club Share Scheme. Ian is a character who engenders strong opinions amongst supporters but it has become apparent in the last few weeks that a majority of our fans were no longer behind him to the point where it would have been difficult for him to recover.” [image2]

“There has been a growing frustration amongst the supporters who have been voicing their disquiet and after last week’s disastrous display at Chester clearly something needed to be done to arrest what appeared to be a deteriorating situation.”

“We therefore feel that it was in the best interests of Bristol Rovers as a whole that this decision has been taken and our boardroom representatives Jane Browne and Kim Stuckey have been doing their part in conveying the feelings of supporters to their colleagues.”

“We would now appeal to all Rovers supporters to get behind the team on Saturday and ask that those who have stayed away recently think about returning because your club needs you in these difficult times.”

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