Website User Numbers Going Up Each Month

September 24, 2005

[image1]Since its introduction earlier this year, this site has been going from strength to strength.

It was launched back on the 14th February as a replacement for the old Supporters Club site brsconline, which we were having problems accessing. Having given the site a new name, it was a big challenge trying to let everyone know how they could now find us.

This month has seen record numbers logging on and it is a trend that is gradually going upward. The figures were good for the first month, then they levelled out, but we are finding as we have been able to add more content and more quickly people are coming back more frequently to keep up with the news. We are finding more sites are starting to link to our news stories too. One such example was the BBC news site linking to us and we regularly feature on another site news now.

Since its launch, we have worked really hard to bring Gasheads the news and views around the club. We are lucky to have good fan participation, with a number of individuals offering regular contributions. These come in the form of fans articles, match reports (both the men and the women’s matches), news and statements from the Supporters Club. The match reports are written by fans on the terraces, so often people can really relate to what they read. You can even find the winning 50/50 ticket number on here, often shortly after the match at which it was won.

In addition, we bring you away travel information and competitions, along with all you need to know about the fans Share Scheme. For those who miss the Green Un, the Supporters Club column is reproduced on a Sunday night. We keep you up to date with any events the Supporters Club are holding, along with information on other activities organised by Memco.

Information on joining the Supporters Club along with Young Pirates, senior pirates and the student scheme is also contained here, along with the benefits of joining and downloadable application forms.

We have plans to add much more and these features are being built as you read this, to enhance your enjoyment of the site. Features planned that will be added very soon are;

  • Gallery of Committee members enabling users to see who does what for the Supporters Club committee
  • Mission Statements for each of the sub committees making clear what each does to help progress the Supporters Club
  • From the boardroom feature – reports from the fans directors Jane Browne and Kim Stuckey keeping us informed as to how they are representing US in the boardroom.
  • Improved contact us feature
  • Feedback feature enabling Gasheads to offer their views on topics discussed in the news

We are also looking at the possibility of adding text commentary for matches in the very near future. There is some work to do to find out whether this is viable and as to whether it would be used enough to warrant trying it, but we will keep you informed on this one. In the meantime, if there are any international Gasheads who would find this service useful, please let us know.

There will also be some more subtle changes, some of which won’t be obvious, but will add to the ease of use of this site.

In the meantime, we will announce the changes as they are ready to happen, and look forward to your feedback on them. Please contact us via the contact us section of the site to do so. Thankyou for logging on regularly and making all the work worthwhile. We hope you continue to enjoy the site.


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