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October 21, 2005


Bristol Rovers Supporters Club today welcomed the announcement made by Bristol Rovers revealing a comprehensive plan to redevelop the Memorial Stadium.

“I know supporters may greet this latest announcement with a degree of cynicism but there is a crucial difference between this and previous plans in that the scheme can clearly be seen to be self-funding.” Said Supporters Club Chairman John Malyckyj. He continued  “This makes it both a viable and achievable project, we will do all we can to help the Football Club take it forward.”
“This is a real opportunity for the local community to feel that the stadium is there for its use because the project opens up so many possibilities for residents to benefit. I know that Rovers are keen to hear the views of the residents and this was made clear to the ward councillors when we met them earlier this week.”

“The Council have already indicated that the Memorial Stadium is the only site that can be developed to provide twenty-first century facilities in the Bristol area for Rovers and Bristol Rugby. I know some councillors felt earlier in the year that the proposals for the North Stand did not give a coherent plan for the development of the rest of the stadium. This latest scheme does and what’s more the time scale envisaged will allow everyone to know how the stadium will look and what its impact will be in a very short space of time.”

Whilst we worked hard to support the club in the successful application for a new north stand, the new plans offer a real opportunity for it to happen at last and within a realistic time frame too. [image2]

Fans associate director Kim Stuckey, who has worked very hard with fans director Jane Browne representing supporters, added; “These plans are at a very early stage and there is a considerable amount of further work to be done with the City Council and with the many other groups and individuals who will have an interest in them. We will be holding a full exhibition of the plans in November primarily for residents and our supporters after we have received more feedback from the City Council planners and have had a chance to incorporate their views into our work.”

He continued;  “The earlier submission for the North Stand has shown what can be achieved in redeveloping the stadium and establishes the Memorial Stadium as a site that can be developed for the long term future of Bristol Rovers and Bristol Rugby. The new plans go further in demonstrating the whole process can be funded and implemented.

“It is very difficult for clubs in the lower leagues to bring their stadia up to 21st century standards without some fresh ideas. We have built on schemes we have seen from other Premiership, Football League and overseas stadia to develop a scheme that benefits the whole community as well as the football club, rugby club and City of Bristol. We believe this will become a blueprint for other city centre clubs to follow.”

The Supporters Club continues to offer the football club it’s full support and any help they are able to in the pursuit of planning for this project.

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