Fantasy Football League 05/06

October 25, 2005



With only a few weeks to go now, Gasheads are reminded we are running the Fantasy Football competition again for the remainder of this season. Once again a big Thank you to last year’s winner D Whittington, who kindly donated £25 from their winnings to the Supporters Club Share scheme.

Remember, entries MUST be received by Saturday 17th December. Good Luck!

The Rules are basically the same as last year, but the defenders have been given more points for goals and clean sheets and there will be a Transfer Window. Following feedback we will make more of an effort to show regular up to date tables in the usually places, i.e. club shops, website and more mentions in the programme.

RULES ( These will also be printed in the match day programme The Pirate)

1) Cost of entry is £3. You may select as many teams as you wish but each team is £3

2) Team selection must be received by 3pm Saturday 17th December (Home v Torquay)

3) Points only count for the main 6 players selected on your team sheet from 17/12/05 onwards. All first teams fixtures in all competitions are included

4) For cup game and Play offs (hopefully!), the scores at the END of extra time count (i.e. does not include penalty shoot outs)

5) If a player is sold or leaves the club, only the points earned up to the date of leaving my count.

6) In a change to last year’s competition, there will be a transfer window.

You may change up to a maximum of TWO players between Sat 28 January and Sat 4 February, with your new player(s) scores only count from 4 February onwards. .If the new player chosen for your main team (i.e. first six players) was previously your named substitute, you must select a new Sub. You may include any new players signed by Rovers since the competition began.(not including loan signings). If there are any midweek games between Sat 28 Jan and Sat 4 Feb, you will receive points based on your original player selection.
Each change of player will cost 50p. Transfer forms will be available from Pirate Leisure, 199 and the match day shops from January onwards. A list of new players will be shown in the Pirate matchday programme

7) In the event of a tie for any of the top three positions at the end of the season, the points scored by the player listed as substitute will be taken into consideration at the tie break. If there is still a tie, the person who is nearest to predicting the total of number of goals scored FROM 17 December 2005 until the end of the season will be the winner (not including penalty shoot outs).

8) ALL positions must be filled on the entry form. Player can only be selected from the list below in the positions shown and can only be selected once

PLAYERS – players must be chosen in positions as shown below

Defence (Choose two): Shearer, Horsell, Hinton, Bass, Ryan, Edwards, Elliott, Anderson, Preece, Thorne, Willshire

Midfield (Choose two): Trollope, Campbell, Hunt, Carruthers, Williams, Disley, Lescott, Gibb, Mullings, Lines,

Attack (chose two): Agogo, Forrester, Walker, Haldane,

POINTS – each player earns the following points in their selected positions:

Defence: Ten points for a clean sheet, ten points for each goal scored by that player

Midfield: One points that is scored by the team and five points goal scored by that player

Attack: Three points scored by that player

All Players: 1 Bonus point for being named Man of The Match in the Evening Post report for each game covered, minus one point for any booking, minus five points for a sending off. Minus 100 points for getting involved in a bar room brawl in the City centre!!

Only players who start the game or who make a substitute appearance in the game will score points.

REMEMBER – All positions must be filled on the entry form. Players can only be chosen once and must be chosen from the list below in their respective position


1st Place 30% of the total entrance money and a replica kit from the 2005/2006 season (subject to availability)

2nd Place 15% of the total entrance money and a T-Shirt from the remaining Strikeforce range

3rd Prize 10% of the total entrance money

All profits will go to the Stadium Fundraising funds (50/50)

Please click here to download entry form

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