Green Un 12th November

November 13, 2005


A trip to Grimsby last week yielded a win for Rovers and finally the start of a cup run!
Most that travelled were just hoping that we would be in the hat for the draw for the next round, but on the day the team showed spirit and a real will to win. Having drawn League 1’s Port Vale away (Another away tie!) in the next round, the Supporters Club has already announced travel plans on our website. The match is to be played on a Friday 2nd December kicking off at 7.45pm.

After Jane Browne recently stepped down as fans director and Kim Stuckey was made up to full director, the Supporters Club has advertised the position within the club.
We have received two nominations for the post of Associate Director to the board of Bristol Rovers Football Club.
The candidates are;

David Brain

Kenneth Masters

Their elections addresses will be posted on the website on Thursday. Following discussions with the candidates there will be an opportunity to meet them at an open forum on Monday 21st November 2005 to be held in the Executive Lounge in the Clubhouse starting at 7.30pm. Both candidates will have the opportunity to give a five-minute presentation, which will be followed by a question and answer session. The Supporters Club Chairman John Malyckyj will chair the meeting, and in announcing the candidates said;

“I would like to thank both the candidates for putting themselves forward, and they are fully aware of the responsibilities that will fall on them should they be successful. I hope that as many of our members as possible will now take part in the election by attending the hustings meeting and then the AGM to cast their vote or to take advantage of our new postal voting system which comes into operation for the first time. I wish both the candidates well in their efforts to get elected. I hope that the election will be fought on the issues and abilities of the candidates alone. Both candidates have something to offer and I hope our members will show each one the respect they deserve for having the courage to stand.”

“In the interests of democracy all Executive Committee members are free to take part in the process by participating in any debates or to campaign for the candidate of their choice, whilst Kim Stuckey and I will remain neutral.” he added.

There are two ways in which you can record your vote either by requesting a postal vote or by voting in person. You may do this as soon as the election addresses have been posted on the website by writing to;

The Secretary
Bristol Rovers Supporters Club
199 Two Mile Hill Road
Bristol BS15 1AZ

Please enclose your membership card and a stamped addressed envelope. Your ballot paper will be dispatched to you but this must be received back at the above address by 4.00pm on Thursday 1st December 2005.
The Supporters Club cannot take responsibility for any ballot papers not received or lost in the post. Requests for postal votes must be received at 199 Two Mile Hill on Friday 25th November 2005. No papers will be dispatched after this date.
You may also vote in person on the evening of the AGM, the ballot box will be open from 5.00pm on the night of the AGM and will be closed at 7.30pm to allow the count to take place so that the result can be announced before the close of official business.

Finally, the Social committee’s quiz night held last Monday night was deemed a real success, with twelve teams entering and helping the 50/50 fund raise about £100.Thought is being given to holding a quiz after a match and any thoughts on this suggestion would be welcomed. If anyone has a theme they would like to suggest for a future quiz, please leave a message for Dave Hewett via 199 or Pirate Leisure and he will be in touch with you.

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