Associate Director Hustings

November 13, 2005

[image1] As you will know by now, we have two candidates running for the Associate Director position.

This position, created by the success of the Supporters Club share scheme, is the opportunity to have a fans voice on the board, alongside Full Director Kim Stuckey.

As the candidates will not be making a verbal address on the night of the election, both have agreed to take part in an open forum one night in the weeks leading up to election night. They will both make an address and will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the role and what they bring to it that they feel makes them effective as your voice on the board.

This is a very important election, and your views are most valid, so we hope you are able to attend and take part in both the open forum night and the AGM and election.

One of the two candidates standing, David Brain and Kenneth Masters, will be elected to the position on the night of the Supporters Club AGM, Thursday 1st December. This is being held in the Bristol room and will start at 7oclock.

Please watch this space for further details of when the evening is taking place. They should appear on this site within the next few days.

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