Commercial Sub Committee Annual Report

November 18, 2005



 In preperation for the Supporters Club’s AGM on Thursday 1st December, all the sub committees are releasing annual reports. Below is the report from the Commercial sub committee.

When the Commercial Committee was formed a year ago it was decided that its aims should be to maximize revenue for the Supporters club whilst building a vibrant community based Football Club.

Whilst there are many familiar faces on the committee, we have also been lucky enough to bring some new faces on board in the shape of Ian Pugh, Ken Masters and Richard Holland.

One of the first projects to be taken on by the committee was an in depth review of the computer systems being used at the Supporters Club. This project is now moving on to the point of deployment early next year thanks to the tireless work of Ian Pugh, Kim Stuckey and John Malyckyj. It is hoped once the new systems are up and running it will help in the smooth running of the Supporters Club daily operations and give us the management tools with which to move forward, providing a professional service to you our supporters.

Many of you may have seen Ken Masters about the Stadium canvassing for people to run the Bristol Half Marathon. All Ken’s hard work paid off with the run being a great success and in the next couple of weeks we should be able to announce the final total raised. The aim behind this was to raise money, which will benefit the local community and the football club. Ken is very keen to build on the success of this year and make this an annual event, so if any of you wish to take part in Running with Rovers please contact us.

Whilst the committee contiunes to work on many projects for the future, I will just mention one more at this time. You may have seen the customised scooter, which is being raffled. This was the idea of new committee member Ian Pugh. It brings together both fund raising for the Supporters Club and the chance to promote, some of the alternative forms of transport that supporters can use when attending the matches at the Memorial Stadium.

The Commercial Committee are always looking for new activities as a way of bringing funds into the club and anyone who feels that they an idea that will benefit the club now or in the future should contact the committee through the supporters club.

Sandra Jaques

Commercial sub committee chair

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