Help Needed With Frost Covers

November 24, 2005

[image1] With the winter starting to take a hold in north Bristol now, we all find ourselves starting to take precautions appropriate to the colder weather we have started to experience of late.

With some quite drastic weather predicted for tomorrow and Saturday, the club have today put the frost covers on the pitch to give Saturday’s match every chance of going ahead. These covers will be coming off on Saturday morning at 9.30 am for a pitch inspection. The football club have issued an appeal for anyone who can make it to help get these covers off for the day. Your help would be most appreciated and you can feel satisfied in the knowledge you helped to get the game on. In addition, the club are giving helpers some breakfast by way of a thankyou.

If you are available, please turn up on Saturday morning at the stadium approxiamtely 9.00 am. Thankyou for taking the time to read this, and a further thank you if you are able to spare the time to help.

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