Election Voting Advice

November 26, 2005

[image1] Please find below an extract from the Supporters Club constituion on the rules regarding voting. Anybody who wishes to vote can refer to this to ensure they are clear on where and when they can vote. Remember, the ballot box closes once the AGM commences at 7.30pm on Thursday.

For any further advice on voting, please contact Pirate Leisure or 199.

Appendix D – Election Procedures

D1) The election will be overseen a person or persons appointed by the EC (hereinafter referred to as the “Returning Officer(s)”. The Returning Officer(s) will hold no BRSC positions and will not be standing for election.
D2) Every BRSC or BRSCSS member will be entitled to a ballot paper (See Appendix F).
D3) Each ballot paper will be uniquely stamped with the relevant member’s BRSC membership number.
D4) Voting slips will be available from all BRSC outlets upon production of a valid BRSC membership card or by post from BRSC enclosing a valid BRSC membership card and a stamped, self addressed envelope.
D5) All voting forms requested (either in person or via post) will be recorded along with the membership number.
D6) The ballot will be conducted on the day of the AGM. All postal ballots must be received by BRSC by first post on the day of the election. To be included in the ballot, all envelopes must be clearly marked “BRSC Ballot Paper”, will be put unopened into the ballot box and will only be opened by the Returning Officer.
D7) The ballot box will be open from 17.00 in the Memorial Room on the day of the AGM and will remain open until the Chairperson calls the AGM to order.
D8) Proxy Voting will be allowed only in the circumstance that the member requesting the proxy vote informs BRSC in writing of the name, registered address and membership number of the member authorised to attend and vote on their behalf. A ballot paper (clearly marked “Proxy” and including the membership numbers of the original member AND the member voting by proxy) will be posted to the member authorised to cast the vote. A record will be kept that a proxy vote has been requested, and no further voting papers will be issued to the member who made the request until the member applies in writing for this position be reversed.
D9) The Returning Officer(s) will open the ballot box and count the votes cast in each category. Any spoilt papers, papers which include more than the required number of votes and any duplicated numbers (see D3) will result in those papers concerned being void.
D10) The Returning Officer(s) will hand the sealed results to the Chairperson as soon as the count is completed.
D11) The Returning Officer(s) will keep hold of all the ballot papers for a period 1 calendar month after which the papers will be destroyed.
D12) Should a member be elected to an Officer position and be standing for a Committee position, the Officer position will take precedent.
D13) Should a member be elected to more than 1 position, that person will decide which post they will take and the person(s) polling the next highest vote(s) will be elected to the ‘vacant’ positions.

This information has been copied from our full constitution contained in the Supporters Club Rules section, under the membership tab of this website.

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