Cobblers No Really

November 29, 2005


Northampton didn’t exactly turn out to be a good trip in any shape or form. Horrible driving conditions, a bad result and freezing cold! I didn’t end up playing in the fans game in the morning due to a combination of a bad knee and a late night beforehand.

After setting off on the motorway at around half past ten, we made good progress until we hit the A34 and road works, clocking up 6 miles in something like 45 minutes. When we made the M40, there was a huge tailback on the other side after an accident. Nothing was moving and we did spot a few other stranded football fans, who could well have missed their team’s games.

Upon arrival at Sixfields, the only place we could get a drink was the Megabowl complex, which obviously doesn’t have the same atmosphere as one of the local pub, but it was adequate none the less. Once again we had to buy tickets from a ticket office 20 yards from the turnstile. Why clubs do this, I still don’t understand.

As for the game I thought we played reasonably well first half, until Northampton got a couple of goals and their extra class started to show. We never created many chances, and Scott Shearer made some fine saves to keep the score at 4-0. Only the Bristol City score and ‘banter’ with Northampton goalkeeper Lee Harper (suggesting his training regime consisted of eating fast food) kept us warm and amused. One other thing was the sight of Andy Kirk, peeling away to celebrate a goal he was trying to claim, whilst all the Northampton players ran to the guy who actually scored. On the positive side we played some good football at times, but we seem to lack a bit of quality. One thing that really bothers me is the reluctance of players to have a shot from outside the box.

I didn’t relish the prospect of driving home in some horrible conditions, but I managed it safely enough. On the A420 the fog was really bad and I decided to take it steady at 40 miles an hour whilst being horrified at the two or three people who decided to zoom past me.

Next up on the road is Port Vale in the cup. I’ve got the Friday booked off, hoping to see us progress to the third round and a ‘big’ team. Preferably an away draw so I can write all about it.


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