Minutes From Last AGM

December 1, 2005


With the Supporters Club AGM being held tonight at the Memorial Stadium, we have today made the minutes from last year for your viewing.

Don’t forget, if you still wish to vote in the Associate Director election, the ballott box closes at 7.30pm when the AGM is called to order.

Minutes of the 56th Annual General Meeting of Bristol Rovers Supporters Club held at The Memorial Stadium, Filton Avenue, Bristol on Thursday 16th September 2004

The Chairman, Jim Staynings gave a welcoming speech to all members and explained the procedure for the night.

Apologies: Tim Blake and Geoff Martin (Mr Malyckyj had recently spoken to Mr Martin and he wished to express his thanks to the committee for making him Vice President of the Supporters Club. He was unwell at the moment and therefore unable to attend the meeting).

1. Minutes

It was proposed by Peter Pearce and seconded by John Packwood that the minutes of the 55th AGM be accepted as a true record of that meeting. These were accepted unanimously by the meeting.

2. Chairman’s Report

It was proposed by Pat Newport and seconded by Gordon Bryant that the Chairman’s Report be accepted. This was accepted unanimously by the meeting.

3. Accounts

The Treasurer, Jane Browne, stated that the committee felt it would like to extend the time between the end of the financial year and the AGM from 3 months to 6 months to allow more time to deal with queries from the accountants. No one being against this rule change it was then proposed by Keith Davis and seconded by James Packwood that the certified accounts and the amendment to the rules be accepted. This was accepted unanimously by the meeting.

4. Changes to Rules

The Chairman asked if anyone had any queries on the changes to the rules proposed by the committee.

Terry Wall – Rule 4.8 he felt that as drafted it seemed that the share scheme was driving the supporters club and not the other way round. Roger Cooper answered this by saying rather than setting up a business committee for the share scheme Mr Cooper would draw from each of the other committees to take the scheme forward. At the moment the share scheme runs itself.

A few other queries were answered for members.

It was then proposed by David Brain and seconded by Adrian Redman that the changes to the rules be accepted en block. This was accepted by a 2/3rd majority by the meeting, with none against.

The Chairman declared that the changes to the rules accepted and asked if anyone wished to join any of the sub-committees please let us know.

5. Election of 5 Members to the Committee

The Chairman then handed the meeting over to the Vice Chairman – Jim Chappell for the election of 5 members to the committee.

Jane Browne reported that Alan Cross had decided to withdraw his application to join the committee due to work commitments. He did however state that he would continue to work as much as possible in the portakabin on match days and other things that he does for the supporters club.

The remaining 7 candidates each made a presentation to the meeting and then the voting process took place.

6. Any Other Business

Bernie Green enquired who was allowed into the Supporters Club Bar on match days. It was explained that only supporters club members were allowed in on production of their membership cards, but anyone was allowed in the Bristol Room on a match day as it was a public bar.

The main business of the meeting ended at 9.09 p.m.

The Chairman then introduced the representatives from the Football Club who has attended, Messrs Geoff Dunford, Ian Atkins, Ron Craig, Colin Williams and supporters club representatives Jane Browne and Kim Stuckey.

Mr Atkins then asked for the demonstration to begin for the Focus 2 system that he would like the supporters club to pay for. It is a video system which allows him a large number of different video views of a game.

Mr Dunford then gave an update on the ground alterations.

The following questions were then raised and answered by various members of the football club:-

1. Sharon Pike – why had reserve games been moved?
2. Rik Johansen – team selection
3. Bernie Green – Pre-match warm up seemed to him to be a full training session, why?
4. James Packwood – Why do our players come out a lot earlier than the opposition after half time?
5. John Malyckyj – could the players go into the various bars around the ground after a match? This would help encourage supporters to stay and drink in the bars and create revenue for the club.
6. Paul Seaton – asked Ian Atkins if we were doing better than he thought we would be?

Geoff Dunford then thanked the committee and the members for their decisions on the night.

7. Ratification of Directors

The chairman asked for the meeting to ratify the appointment of Jane Browne as full director and Kim Stuckey as associate director.

It was proposed by John Malyckyj and seconded by Kelly Fisher that they be accepted. This was agreed unanimously.

8. Share Scheme Report

Mr Cooper then gave the following share scheme report.

Roger Cooper thanked those who have supported the scheme over the last year and drew attention to some of the successes during 2004 and also some of the frustrations, notably seeking to understand the problems that supporters had with the scheme and what it would take to persuade them to join up.

He also posed two questions – firstly, can we really raise the £3.5million we are seeking; and secondly, in the light of improving performances and attendances, why do we still need to bother raising that amount of money?

Why Bother?
Cooper noted that the improvements on the pitch since March have not come cheap, and nor will the stadium redevelopment. This is on top of a debt that stood at £2.8million in July and a projected loss of £500,000 for this season.

So, the early successes – the higher attendances, the bonus of the money from the Norwich City cup tie will address part of the projected loss for the season only, not the overall debt of £2.8million which he estimated will itself cost in excess of £150,000 this year in interest payments – the equivalent of three or more new players or perhaps the cost of a youth development scheme.

Cooper added that while there may be £2million available in Football Foundation funding, that would only provide a start to the process of stadium redevelopment. Much more money will be needed to complete the job.

Given these financial realities, Cooper argued that the share scheme was still vitally important if we are to guarantee the future survival and development of our football club. He noted that £1.4million (40% of £3.5million) would halve the debt – and therefore the interest payments – and a further £1.4million would provide the cash flow needed to facilitate the stadium redevelopment process, giving breathing space while the new facilities start to generate additional revenue.

Can We Do It?
An emphatic “yes” was the answer to Cooper’s second question, provided we can generate the collective confidence that we can achieve it. This translates into the need for confidence in the share scheme itself; confidence in the Supporters Club and its structure; and finally, confidence in the future of the football club and our ability to influence that future through our representatives on the Board.

Cooper noted that his focus this year had been to generate more confidence in the share scheme through setting up open meetings for all supporters club members, inviting people to articulate their objections to the scheme and then setting out to address those objections.

He informed the AGM that a series of small meetings was being set up around the Bristol area whereby Supporters Club Committee members and Football Club officials would go out and meet with small groups of fans, to discuss the share scheme and other issues relating to our football club. These meetings will be by invitation and details will be available in due course.

9. Result of Election

Mr Draper then gave the result of the election :-

Candidate Number of Vote

David Brain 50
Edd Gould 43
Dave Hewett 53
John Malyckyj 57
Robin Schols 51
Paul Seaton 27
Jim Staynings 46

Therefore Messrs Brain, Hewett, Malyckyj, Schols and Staynings were elected on to the committee.

Mr Chappell stated that he wanted to thank all though who stood and hoped that the two unsuccessful candidates would get involved on the sub-committees in some way.

The meeting was then closed at 10.12 p.m.

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