Fans Fund Raising Is Just The Ticket

December 8, 2005


Hopefully, all of you will have recently received your copy of the Supporters Club news in plenty of time for our AGM last week.

Inside, you should have found a few books of tickets for the Supporters Club Christmas Draw. We hope you are able to sell these on our behalf, as the prizes are good and it is yet another vital way of fund raising for the football club.

Prizes are as follows;

  • 1st Prize            £1000
  • 2nd Prize           £250
  • 3rd Prize            £100
  • Two Prizes of    £50
  • Four Prizes of   £25
  • Ten Prizes of    £10 Rovers shopping vouchers

Please could we remind you that if you have any unsold tickets we would be grateful if you could return them to us at either 199 or Pirate Leisure at your convenience.

Additionally, you will have had a few books of tickets for the Grand Scooter Super Draw. If you are able to sell these too, that would also be most appreciated. It may be better to try to sell the Christmas tickets first and maybe try the scooter tickets in the new year. One lucky winner is going to ride off on a brand new scooter customised in Rovers colours (As seen on Soccer Night) along with all they need to ride it, and potentially all for only £1!


With a second prize of a fantastic Breeze Mountain Bike, also customised in Rovers colours, the draw is obviously going to do well and so far has really caught the imagination with ticket sales going well. Click the banner below to find out all the details about the prizes in the scooter draw. Please help us to raise as much as we can from these fantastic prizes by selling the tickets we sent you.



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