Introducing… David Brain

December 15, 2005


Hello fellow Gas Heads. I would like to give a very big thank you to all those who supported me in the Associate Director elections. I would also like to acknowledge and thank Ken Masters for the work he has done for BRSC and BRFC and hope he will be able to continue helping us.

To say the election was close is an understatement. By saying us that is exactly what I mean. Whilst I have been elected to represent the Supporters club, I believe all support organisations need to work together for the good of Bristol Rovers. I firmly believe we have a collective responsibility to improve the status of Rovers on and off the pitch. I consider the chance to represent you the fans to be a privilege and an honour. I will endeavour to represent your views at board level to the best of my abilities. On match days I can usually be found in the BRSC caravan inside the Memorial Gates and if not there one of the Share Scheme advisors will be able to get hold of me, so if you have anything to discuss come along and have a chat.

The Port Vale game the night after the AGM was my first opportunity to speak to fans following my election. The fact that the price of beer was the most important topic spoke volumes for the performance on that night. If we can continue to play like that in the league, I am sure the only was is up. I wish Lennie and Paul all the best in their new partnership. On the subject of beer, I will certainly pass on your comments about the price and type of beer, larger and cider available.

The reward for beating Port vale will not be the glamour tie we all hoped for but at least it will give us a home game on the 7th January which is the 50th anniversary of that famous 4-0 drubbing of Manchester United in 1956. Don’t forget a special night to celebrate that famous victory is being held on Thursday the 5th January 2006, at the Memorial Stadium.

On Monday the 5th and Wednesday 7th December 2005 the new stadium proposals were unveiled to local residents and fans. For those who have not seen the plans, they are very impressive and follow the successful funding method used by Orient by including student and key worker accommodation to finance the development. It is early days yet by I am confident this scheme can move forward and will keep you updated on progress.

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