Sprouts At Christmas? It’s Traditional

December 30, 2005



The plan was to leave late morning spend some time in Nottingham and head off to Mansfield. Like the best laid plans it didn’t quite work out like that. With the weather and the uncertainty as to whether the match was on, it certainly threw the days plans out of kilter. After some phone calls the decision was made to set-off and take the chance. Leaving sometime just after one, we made our way to Nottingham to pick up our travelling companion. As we made our way north you could just see the country getting progressively whiter and whiter.

We arrived in Nottingham around quarter past four, had a couple of drinks and met our travelling companion. After getting final confirmation that the game was on, we finished up and made the short hop over to Mansfield and Field Mill. We arrived around half past six, in plenty of time to have a couple of chill prevention lagers and we didn’t leave until the last possible moment as we didn’t want to stand in the cold any longer then necessary.

As for the game? Well good and bad. The conditions were terrible and I for one wouldn’t fancy playing on that on a Sunday morning. We started poorly and conceded two goals through bad marking leaving Scott Shearer no chance whatsoever. Then we started to play and it was encouraging. James Hunt pulled one back, before Craig Disley had one chalked off. As we started to assert ourselves we got given a penalty. Although right in front of the Gasheads I don’t think any of the 200+ could tell you what it was for. I was grateful however as Richard walker netted his twelfth of the season to put us level.

The conditions appeared to be getting worse for the second half but we started well, without much happening before conceding another sloppy goal. We battled back well. Something we wouldn’t have done in previous season as we would roll over and die with a knockout blow like that. A few changes were made and we pressurised with a neat little move and Richard Walker on hand to nab his 13th of the season and a very important equaliser, sending the freezing Gasheads in to a frenzy, or as much as they could muster. I would have taken a point before hand as it was always going to be difficult in such conditions, but had it not been for some poor defending we could easily have won.

Upon leaving the ground I could hardly feel my feet, but some KFC and the car heaters soon warmed me up. Now it was just about right to find out how Liverpool had got on. The brilliant news was a 3-1 win and a £30 one for me, which subsidised the trip nicely. I tried to get some sleep on the way home as best as possible in a car, before flopping into bed at home sometime around half past one.
Now bring on the Wycombe.



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