Green Un Column

January 3, 2006


With publication of the Saturday Green Un ending in December, the future of the Supporters club contact with our members in the local press was uncertain.

We are delighted to announce we will be having a column in the new Green Un pull out section of the Evening Post on a Monday with effect from Monday Januray 9th. This is great news as we will be able to continue our contact with you and keep you informed on our progress and events taking place within both the football club and Supporters club. Additionally, as the reader numbers are much higher for the evening post than for the Green Un, this means that hopefully our message will be more widespread and gives us the opportunity to keep more people informed.

Be assured that we will continue to use all available outlets to announce our news and hope to announce further publicity opportunities in the very near future. These opportunities of course run alongside all our other systems, the match day programme, fans forum, monthly news posters around the stadium, match day announcements over the tannoy system and of course announcements on the highlights package in the bar after home matches as we do them.

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