Green Un 13th February

February 14, 2006


We are now reaching the stage of the season where many of our matches are starting to become ‘six pointers’. Tomorrow is no exception, as we entertain Cheltenham who I am sure will be desperate to avenge the injury time loss to us back at Whaddon Road last month.

This week is obviously one for lovers, with Valentines Day falling conveniently tomorrow, the same day as a league match for our favourite team. Naturally, being the old romantic I am, I have offered my long-suffering wife an invitation to join me at the Mem, but I doubt she will be in attendance. I am wondering whether this is a situation that is affecting other Gasheads too!

Another thing worth remembering about tomorrow is the introduction of the chip and pin system to finally completely replace the old signature transactions when using debit or credit cards. In line with every other retailer, this system will apply in both our shops from that date too, so in addition to getting your loved ones some flowers tomorrow, make sure you start remembering your PIN number!

Of course there is also another reason tomorrow is a special date. It is a year to the day that the new look Supporters Club website went online.
In its first year, whilst most of the site is complete, there has been lots of hard work to add extra features and complete some of the areas under construction. Naturally, this all takes time and as most of us do a full time job as well as the work we do for the football club, this work has to fitted in as it can be. We would like to pay a big thank-you to our technical consultant Ben Ede, who also built the site. Despite being incredibly busy with work himself, he still somehow manages to find time to help with the new features and improvements for the site. He has saved us an enormous amount of money on the build and continues to do so with the extra work as it is needed.
This week, members of the Supporters Club Executive committee met with Young Pirates committee members.
Over the last few years, the Young Pirates have undergone some challenging changes, having lost their home when the car park was re-laid. The original idea was to move their portakabin, but sadly it was well past it’s best and on moving it, it was deemed no longer fit for them to use. They moved to a new location opposite the west stand turnstiles, sharing with the press office. Sadly, since moving there they have found life quite difficult as many still don’t really realise where they have moved to, and as the place is used for two purposes, every match means valuable time setting up and taking down their posters and fixtures. On Tuesday night we discussed what could be done to improve their lot, and how the Supporters Club could help. “The Young Pirates membership is vital to the football club,” Said Supporters Club chair John Malyckyj. “They are the next generation of Rovers supporters, and it is imperative the youngsters enjoy a memorable day for all the right reasons when they come to see Rovers play.” At the end of the meeting it was agreed that every effort is going to be made to re-locate the Young Pirates to a more suitable location as soon as possible. It was also agreed that the Young Pirates would start to enjoy extra publicity via their own pages on the Supporters Club web site and Supporters Club newsletters. Watch this space for more details.

Finally, our last winner of the 50/50 half time draw won a very useful prize of £948 at the Bury match with ticket number 40602. You can find all this season’s 50/50 winning numbers and amounts on our website. Just click the 50/50 button below the addresses on the home page.


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