Coppers For The Club

February 20, 2006


Supporters Club Social committee Chair Dave Hewett has recently introduced a new approach to Gasheads wishing to make casual donations to the Supporters Club Share Scheme.

You may or may not have seen the posters in the clubhouse bars inviting you to ‘Buy one for Junior’, or ‘One for the share scheme’. This campaign was to encourage those that do not make regular contributions to give a contribution as they wished to. Sadly, the system  was not flexible enough to take a contribution other than that which had been pre programmed into the tills, which was £2.50, and this proved to be less popular than hoped. 

Dave has recently introduced collecting tins, offering the flexibility of people being able to give a contribution as they wish, rather than as previously. He has also been finding it to be an effective method for those without a bank account to give too.The tins are currently situated on the counters by the tills at the Pirate Leisure, 199 Two Mile Hill Road, the two other sales points on matchdays, and can be found on various programme sellers trolleys –

Sarah – Memorial gates
James – Back of West Stand
Pat – Filton Ave

So remember, when you pick up your change next time, why jangle all the way when it could make all the difference to the club.


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