Lennie A Success On The Road!

March 16, 2006


This Tuesday saw a great evening’s entertainment laid on by the Supporters Club at Yate Town’s Lodge Road clubhouse.

The evening, hosted jointly by Supporters Club Chairman John Malyckyj and fans Director Kim Stuckey, proved to be a very popular one. Director of foootball Lennie Lawrence was special guest, along with Steve Book and John Anderson from the playing staff. With a match at Oxford looming on the following evening, the evening started off with discussions about team tactics and questions for the players so they could get away for an early night. Lennie stayed on to take more questions and talk shop for the rest of the evening and proved to be very good value. He answered all questions comprehensively  and used all his experience from years in the game to leave people feeling he was keeping them well informed about their club.

A raffle was held on the night with prizes of signed memorabilia for three lucky winners. T-shirts and programmes featured in our recent Manchester United 50th anniversary evening signed by Rovers players from the 50’s were popular prizes. The money raised from ticket sales was presented to Yate Town as a thankyou for their generosity in providing us with their facility for the night.

The evening was rounded off with some Rovers highlights footage shown at the evening we held at the Mem back in January. It was a chance for those who had not yet seen it to do so, and a second chance for some of us who had already seen it to both reminisce and chuckle at some of the oddities of life of the period.

At the end of the evening I spoke with Lennie about the role of the Supporters Club.

“These evenings in fan’s home towns are a great innovatiuon from the Supporters Club. It’s great for fans to come along and meet a few players and get the chance to ask questions of the playing staff and management.”  He continued, “Its my job to be here and talk to fans and hopefully make them a little more aware of how things work at the club. Hopefully a few people have gone away tonight with a few gaps in their knowledge filled and their interest stimulated.”

Lennie conituned to praise the work done by the Supporters Club, not only in organising the evening, but also recognising oither ways the football club gets support.  “The Supporters Club here is active, organised and with the enormous help to the football club the Supporters Share scheme gives, it plays a healthy part. It is full of a lot of good people doing a lot of hard work, which is making a genuine link between the football club and the supporters, something you don’t always get. I have seen it where clubs often pay no more than lip service to supporters clubs. Here at Rovers, with two fans elected to the board by way of the £1/2 million raised so far by the share scheme it is clear it is strong and plays an important part.”

Lennie summed up by saying how the share scheme had helped to rejuvinate the club at a difficult time and that it was right that the Supporters Club should have a stroing voice in the boardroom.

Look out for our next evening, this time to be held at Weston super Mare at the Windsor Castle pub on the 27th April starting at 7.30pm. Again , admission will by ticket only, with tickets being available at 199 or Pirate Leisure, free of charge.


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