Fans Keep Money Coming!

March 26, 2006


In addition to three deserved points and a clean sheet, there was more good news for Rovers yesterday.

The Supporters Club Share Scheme presented another cheque to the football club for £14000. A share scheme member picked at random presents the cheque to a director of the football club once a month, with these funds increasing the shareholding the Supporters Club holds on behalf of its members. In the picture above from left to right are member Adrian Wall, Share Scheme Chair and Associate Director David Brain, Share Scheme committee member Chris Watkins and Director Kevin Spencer.

Kevin said ” The regular cheques from the Supporters Club Share Scheme help the club so much in difficult times for all lower league clubs. It shows a real commitment by ordinary fans that we continue to receive this money to help the football club while buying shares.”  Associate Director David Brain added: “Whilst we have recruited a healthy membership over the last three years, we still need more members to help boost these vital cheques further still. Our slogan is ‘Together we can make a difference’ and these cheques show how true that is.”

If anybody would like more information on the Supporters Club Share Scheme, they can get it ny visiting either of our shops, 199 at Kingswood or Pirate Leisure. Additionally, there is a match day sales caravan by the Memorial Gates and advisors can be found arouns the stadium on a match day too.

Within this site there is a whole section dedicated to information about the Share Scheme, including downloadable application forms and information on all levels.


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