Members Plaque -Your Help Needed!

March 27, 2006


Regular readers of this site and the match day programme The Pirate, will know  the Supporters Club Share Scheme has recently hit a couple of memorable acheivements, firstly, the 3rd year anniversary has been reached, with the scheme still strong and making a real difference to the football club with regular monthly investments, and secondly surpassing the £1/2 million barrier with regard to money going into the football club, buying the supporters a stake and a say in the future of the club.

Members Recognition Plaque

You may recall when the Supporters Club Share Scheme was first launched, one of the pledges was that made was that those members that contributed during the first three years would be recognised by way of a members plaque to be unveiled at some time in the future. The Supporters Club are delighted to announce that this will be happening in the very near future and we need YOUR help to ensure this can happen sooner rather than later.

Your help is needed to help speed this up and your role is very simple. If you have been a member of the Share Scheme during the first three years, please visit the Members Plaque within the Share Scheme section of this site HERE and check your name on the list. If the spelling is all correct then thats fine, but if it is not, please advise us by Monday 3rd April. You can do this by visiting or telephoning one of the shops, or by contacting us via this link HERE. For those who do not have internet access, a list of names that will be on the plaque will be available to view at both Pirate Leisure and 199.

We really do appreciate your support for the scheme over the last three years and it is important to us that you receive the recognition you deserve for backing it. Equally, there may be those who would rather not appear on the plaque for reasons of modesty. Please also let us know if that is the case. We will keep you up to date with news of when the plaque will be ready and when it will be presented to the Supporters Club. 


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