Green Un 27th March 2006

March 28, 2006


It is good to see Junior making a return to the fold following his three-match suspension for a red card at Peterborough. We hope he will be able to provide the difference we need to get our challenging, if unlikely play off hopes nearer to a possibility than of late. There is no doubt it is a tall order, but given that clubs around us still seem intent on shooting themselves in the foot, we should not rule it out until it is mathematically impossible.

Richard Walker and Junior have netted a good few goals for us between them this term and we hope it continues right up to the end of the season. With this in mind, Gasheads will soon have the opportunity to nominate their player of the year and young player of the year for the season. Despite some disappointments of late, there are quite a few contenders this year. Elliott and Hunt are firm fans favourites, as well as the new improved Hinton. Stuart Campbell has impressed many this season, particularly since he has been given freedom to be more creative. Carruthers has also gained in confidence, as has Lescott, despite playing out of position, and Ali Gibb and Craig Disley are both terrace favourites. Add to that the encouraging attitude Lewis Haldane has shown since his return from Forest Green and it will be interesting to see who wins. Lewis may well figure in the young player of the year, as should Mullins, Preece and Willshire. Voting slips will be available soon at Supporters Club shops and bars at the stadium. Details of ticket pricing will follow soon, as will confirmation of the date, and the venue is confirmed as the Bristol Room, which allows access for all supporters wishing to attend.

The season long Supporters Club Super Draw for the scooter and mountain bike, both customised in Rovers colours, continue to grab the attention of both Rovers fans and the media. In addition to offering great prizes, it also signals to Gasheads other ways in which one can travel to the match without clogging up our roads with additional traffic and parking on a match day. You can win one of these prizes for just £1 a ticket. They both come with safety gear and training as appropriate. Tickets are available from 199 and Pirate Leisure and from sellers around the stadium on a match day.

Many will have heard about the evening held at Jury’s Hotel on Tuesday night featuring Gareth Chilcott and Ian Holloway. I was privileged to be present and hear them both speak.
Gareth set the ball rolling and soon had us rolling with stories of his exploits during his career both as a club player and wearing the red rose of England, all explained in a language with which most present were fully fluent! He was gracious enough to know most were there to hear Ollie speak, a new role for him I understand, and he was received with a standing ovation. Ian has many stories to tell, and many who wish to hear them and should he choose, I have no doubt after dinner speaking will prove to be a profitable pursuit for him. Sadly for us, it all seemed to end too quickly and I am sure I speak for all present when I say we look forward to hearing from him again sooner rather than later.


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