Wycombe Highlights Update

April 3, 2006

[image1] Yesterday morning, a number of Gasheads got up early and tuned in to ITV’s ‘The Championship’ programme looking forward to seeing the goals from the match at the Causeway Stadium the previous day.

With the bookies all fancying Wycombe for a hands down home victory, it was something of a shock to see Rovers take all three points and even more of a shock to those viewers hoping to see the goals ending up seeing nothing about the game at all. As a result, the Bristol Rovers fans forum was soon busy with people complaining about the lack of coverage.

Consequently, this site offered a platform to Gasheads to send their comments to us, and we collated them together and sent them as a joint statement to ITV Sport. With over 50 people sending us their greivences it had the desired effect, and  information was soon forthcoming from the broadcaster.

A spokesperson said “The game was definitely filmed. It seems there was a problem involving the courier employed by The Sports Network to get the match tapes from Wycombe to the London play-out centre… but we hope to have them just in time for The West Tonight at Six.” 

It was pointed out this was not the first time this had happened and that there was no reference to the match or the missing footage at all. This only came later in the day when the local news was shown and an apology was made for not having the footage to show.

The spokesperson explained, “Because of the nature of the result, that the pictures have not appeared anywhere else so far, and because they’re unlikely now to appear anywhere else but this week’s Soccer Night, we hope that this afternoon’s satellite feed of the pictures will allow us to show more than we usually would on this on Thursday’s Soccer Night. Obviously, we’re still not in charge of what ends up being played to us by TSN, but we understand the situation and will, as ever, do our best at this end. It was most regrettable the film was unavailable for broadcast on Sunday morning and the evening news yesterday, though this was due to circumstances beyond our control and we understand all viewer’s frustrations on this occassion.”

Tune in to ITV tonight for the goals on the evening news and well done to all those who emailed us your thoughts. [banner5]

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