Green Un 3rd April 2006

April 4, 2006

[image1] Many will have no doubt been on the look out for April fool pranks this week. Like most, both the Football club and the Supporters Club have taken part in pranks to challenge the belief of those reading the items containing them. Don’t forget the pink shirts prank last year. How often does a bit of fun actually go on to help raise so much money (and awareness) for such an important cause? We hope you enjoyed our attempts this year.

It will not have escaped many people’s notice that the Supporters Club have been promoting the landmarks passed by the Share Scheme over the last few weeks. Since it’s inception, the Supporters Club Share Scheme has strived to bond fans together to back the scheme and rise to the challenge for the fans to not only help the financial future of the club, but also to eventually own a big shareholding and in so doing be able to effect the big decisions made in the boardroom of our beloved club. Since passing the £1/2 million mark in money raised, Share Scheme Chairman and Associate Director David Brain has assembled a team of willing volunteers to help move the marketing of the scheme to the next level. After three years the sum raised is indeed a real achievement to be proud of, but we must not sit on our laurels, we must see this as just the start and plan for the next three years and beyond. With a goal of raising enough money for fans to own a 28% stake in the club there is still much work to do, but a good start has been made.

Whilst on the subject of the Share Scheme, when it was first launched it was announced that all members during the first three years would have their membership recognised by way of a plaque to be presented at some time in the future. Well, the future is now, and within the next few weeks the plaque will be presented to the Supporters Club by the football club to mark the three-year anniversary and recognise those members of the Share scheme during the first three years. We have been asking members to check the list of names on the Supporters Club web site, and let us know if their details are incorrect so we can correct it in time for the plaque to be made. Both our shops at 199 and Pirate Leisure have lists too, so please take the time to check so we have all the details right.

Our Social committee is also working hard, both fundraising for the club and providing events for your entertainment. Tonight sees one such event with a film and TV quiz being held in the Bristol Room with a 7.30pm start. Entry is £1 per player, but don’t be late, as these quizzes are very popular. Social committee Chair Dave Hewett looks forward to seeing you there.

Finally, as usual there was a big cash prize on offer at last week’s match at home to Mansfield via the 50/50 half time draw. The winning ticket was no. 49654, which won the princely sum of £754. Not bad for a £1 eh? More news next week.
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