Giving The Boys Our FULL Support

April 6, 2006


 It could be the layout of the Memorial Stadium. 

It could be that five years of hurt for us long suffering Gasheads has finally taken it’s toll.

The fact is, we struggle to reproduce the same atmosphere at the Memorial Stadium, our home turf, as we do at many away games. Wycombe, Port Vale in the FA Cup and Cheltenham away this season have been memorable for the away support. Why?

Last Saturday the performance of our fans at the Causeway Stadium was a prime example of just what can be acheived with the right approach. On entering the away stand, it was clear there was a very upbeat atmosphere amongst the travelling fans. I asked myself, why? We had won the week before on a mud bath of a pitch, yet prior to that had lost three matches in a row and surely put paid to any chance of  play off prospects. Well, clearly there was still belief and it was refreshing to see such optimism, particularly as we were about to face a side that last time we met gave us a footballing lesson.

The pre match build up music really helped to set the tone too. With Wycombe nicknaming themselves ‘The Blues’, it was no coincidence that quite a few of their musical choices were those we also use, so the familiarity of the words meant many  Gasheads sang along as if they were at home. As we took the lead, then went further ahead, the travelling support got louder and louder. The climax came when Wycombe got a consolation goal, which was greeted by the stadium sound system breaking into the music ‘Pig Bag’. Rovers fans were so elated at the performance they had seen unfold on the pitch and the atmosphere in the stands, that they sang along to what should have been a Wycombe celebration to create a memorable moment.

[image2] This week there have been a number of appeals in various media calling for everybody to come along and bring a friend, or better still bring two friends. There has been a big appeal from club Director Kevin Spencer for everyone to do their bit to create a great atmosphere for the remaining matches this season.

The Supporters Club fully back this, but realise there are the cynics amongst us who may think something like ‘yeah yeah, they just want the extra money through the turnstiles’.  True enough, the club do need the money, but it is a fact that we are in the best position we have been in since we have been in this division.

We have a real chance to make the play-offs, but we all have to believe we can do it and back the team for 90 minutes, not just until the other team scores. (if indeed they do) Lets show visiting fans who the home team is. Lets drown them out at home as well as away. We have but a few games left and our home form is key to our destiny this season.

If the team don’t quite manage to make it this season, then lets make sure we have done our utmost and a good start is by giving 100% this Saturday. Naturally, the majority of the singing comes from the Bass End, and we need that in all it’s glory this Saturday. With all the youngsters expected this week via the Fans of the Future initiative, lets leave them with a real impression of what real vocal support sounds like.






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