The Good, The Bad & The Rovers

April 12, 2006

[image1] Monday’s Evening Post headline told the story of Saturday’s debacle exactly as it was. WE GOT WHAT WE DESERVED, was the quote from Paul Trollope.

Saturday’s defeat, and equally importantly the performance, cut Gasheads deep. Just a week previously, Rovers fans were celebrating a superb win at Wycombe and an impressive performance. With all the other games going our way too, we were right back into the mix again with a real chance of actually setting others a standard to keep up with.

The team that took on Rushden on Saturday were an immense disappointment to the fans, particularly after all the drum beating that went on as a build up to the match. Bearing this in mind, in the cold light of day…I ask myself – would missing out on promotion this season be such a bad thing?

Why do I ask myself this? Well, in the last two games Rovers have managed to show the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the current squad – a more than capable group with inconsistency in spades. 

Can any Gashead realistically say that we could progress in the higher echelons without a major overhaul of the current team? Surely the level of inconsistency shown this season as a squad will only cause us problems if we were to go up unless of course PT and LL can work wonders in that respect – I have my doubts.

Questions, questions…it’s all about opinions and of course LL and PT reign over everyone in the kingdom of Rovers.

What is the best way to prepare for life in League 1? To have a current team where a few quality additions can be made at the end of the season or potentially how we find ourselves now, with a group of players who can turn it on like we haven’t seen at Rovers for years and then suddenly become unrecognisable the week after.

Trolls and Lennie are showing the club the way forward. All the criticism thrown at the team following Saturday’s unacceptable performance can be understood and the modern football message forum has become a principal weapon in conveying these frustrations. When it used to be the local newspaper letters column, these frustrations were hidden away, apart from the odd chant from the terraces. 5 years on after embarking on life in League 2, Rovers are so close to going back to League 1, or never have they been so close in the last 5 years, so to see the players perform in such away is frankly mind-boggling. Is it the sign of a modern day footballer or has the level of football gone down so much since I was a kid?

The events between now and the end of the season make no difference to me. I just think we are in good hands for the first time in a long while. Without criticising previous managers like Ian Atkins who came to the club and stabilised it, which is what Ian does best, we now have a management team capable of taking us forward and doing it playing football.

If we fail to make the play-offs I will be disappointed, but I can also see the broader outlook.

What do the other thousands of Gasheads think?


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