Wrexham Report-Gasheads Talk Back

April 17, 2006

[image1] The Racecourse Ground has never been a happy hunting ground for Bristol Rovers and it was still the case at full time today. 

Within five minutes of the kick off, Rovers went a goal behind after the Wrexham forward Derbyshire beat the offside trap.
Wrexham continued the early pressure, going close again shortly after. It seemed that the home side were desperate to stay on top of this fixture and to many it looked like the visitors had been stunned from the kick off, finding it hard to get into their stride.

Finally, Rovers did manage to get going and broke away, with  Agogo beating the offside trap,only for the ball to be taken off his toe at the last minute. Then Carruthers brought the ball down the left and put in a good ball to the back post which was cut out by the stretching debutant  Wrexham keeper.

Wrexham then attacked and a backpass from Lescott fell short of the required distance and forced Shearer to slice away for a wrexham throw. Wrexham were then awarded a  free kick but when the ball came in, the refree’s assistant flagged for an offside and a free kick to Rovers.There was little else of note happening in the first half, and it was frustrating to see Haldane semmingly unable to beat his man like he was doing on Saturday.

In the second half, Haldane was replaced with half an hour to go by Ali Gibb, and the change had an instant impact. Suddenly soem great inter passing started to come off and Gibb found the by line time after time, but try as they might, the Rovers front men just couldn’t make an end product of any of the crosses that came in. Again, it was another frustrating day when it just did n’t seem to happen for either of them, but Agogo to his credit did chase evrything down.

All in all, from all reports the radio commentary made the game sound quite exciting and action packed, but the truth was more of the same old story, started late, got mugged by one mistake and huffed and puffed trying to put it right but just didn’t get through the defence to do it.

A poor awayday showing that has all but ended anything other than a mathematical hope of any chance of further play off talk at BS7 this season from the playoff pretenders, in front of 451 travelling gasheads.

Gasheads talk back

As usual, volunteers were sought for their observations on this afternoon’s match and opinions on what we did well, not so well, and their man of the match. Naturally comments generally have to be edited as all age groups read this site, but the emotion of their words still comes across loud and clear.

Kevin from Marshfield said; Pretty poor for 70 minutess until the introduction of Gibb who ran wrexham ragged. We missed Igoe’s passing and vision. We had him on loan for 93 days but seem to have learned nothing from him at all. My man of the match was Chris Carruthers, who worked the left flank well all afternoon. I will be looking with interest at the close season to see who the club consider is worth keeping out of this squad, as few made a case for their future at Rovers today.

Joe from Hanham said; Rovers just weren’t up for it in the first half and once again, the players let the fans down. Paul Trollope & Lennie Lawrence have to sort this shower out this summer. First half, I thought James Hunt was our only player trying, but when he came on I also thought Ali Gibb was very effective down the right.

Steve from Staple Hill said; what a waste of a bank holiday. Every time I get my hopes up they are dashed time after time by dross like this. Saturday’s performance was a far cry form this whimpering display today. Play off contenders? Dont make me laugh!  In a way, I wish we were nowhere near the play offs, as being this close and cocking it up in such a humiliating way hurts much more than perhaps finishing 12th and way out of it would have done.Following Rovers costs an arm and a leg and its time for things to improve. I am loath to choose a man of the match, but if pushed I think both the subs came on and showed they at least wanted something from the game and indeed the season.[banner7]

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