Wrexham Weekend Away

April 21, 2006

[image1] Following a somewhat inspired performance by the Gas against Carlisle at the Memorial Ground on Saturday, it was an equally inspired trip that we took up to Wrexham, immediately after the game, in anticipation of the Bank Holiday Monday encounter in North Wales.

With accommodation hard to find, we had to settle for a Premier Lodge in nearby Chester over the Easter period, some twenty miles away on the English border.

Having settled in overnight our first priority on Sunday morning was to scout the opposition ground in Wrexham where we had our photo taken (unopposed!). Next, we obtained copies of all the local sports papers to gauge what the feelings and expectations of the West Country opposition would be. It would be fair to say that based on what we read, Rovers were the definite favourites with no real expectations of a Wrexham win (if they only knew!) and Rovers being described as a ‘dream team’.

Objectives completed and parking sorted for the match on Monday, it was off to Chester Zoo for the remainder of the day, where we all had a great time in between some sun and outbursts of rain, a day spoiled only by a few of mindless scousers who were intent on trying to upset everyone they cam into contact with, until they came across my wife, who put them straight in their place and no-more was heard from them that day!

[image2] Early Monday morning several Gasheads appeared in the Restaurant complex of the Premier Lodge where pleasantries were exchanged before we made our way to Wrexham for the match.

We entered the stadium and the game got underway. Within minutes, Rovers went a goal behind after Derbyshire sprung the Rovers offside trap. Carruthers looked to the lineman who kept his flag down, and it became clear it may just have been Elliott who had played him onside, then Derbyshire slotted easily past Scott Shearer to make it one-nil in controversial circumstances. From then on Rovers built up gradual pressure until the end of the first half, without result.

The second half saw Rovers bring the home side under sustained pressure, with several chances being missed in front of the posts, but come what may, Rovers were unable to find the touch that would bring a goal and a precious point.

In all a very frustrating weekend that had started out with renewed hopes of a play-off position only to see it lost again in a game that was, overall, uninspiring and forgettable. This week’s match against Boston really is the last throw of the dice for Paul Trollope’s men. A win is a must and we also need to pray for a few other results to go our way. Doubtless, Gasheads will be listening to the radio come the end tomorrow to see if the season really is all over.


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