Fantasy League Standings After Easter

April 23, 2006

[image1] As the Fantasy League season approaches it exciting finale, the race for the top three positions could hardly be tighter. Below is the latest table, up to and including the Wrexham match last weekend.

As the final weeks of the season start to shake down there is still plenty of interest at the top and for a play-off place, whilst at the bottom there are still fans of plenty of clubs biting their nails down to the quck! It’s nice for once to see us worrying about our chances of going up rather than going down!

Back to the Fantasy League and don’t forget, with 10 points for each goal scored by each defender the table could soon turn on its head if the likes of Hinton, Elliott or Carruthers were to notch a few goals in the last few games. Watch this space ……..

Fantasy League Current Standings (up to & including Wrexham match)

<td>  94

 Team  Points  Tie-Break
Can I have Rooney as a ringer?  123  
 The team with no name  122  
 Briz Boys  116  22
D Whittington   116  16
Pat Newport  116    7
Steve Lenton  110  
Turners Terrors  107  
 GW Nash 2  102  
Nigel Gardiner   100  
Geoff Pike   97  
Colin Williams   94  38
Dan Lane   7
Mollie Edmunds   94   3
GW Nash 1   94  -3
Issa Nissa    94  -9
Pete Collins    85  
MJ Simmons    84  -6
Andy Rogers    84  -9
Atkins greatest fan    83  
Dan Smith    81   4
Six aside stars    81   2
Si Knapp    76  
Team K    74  
Ian Higgins    70  
The four corners    59  
Lynn Blake    52  
Coach 2 part timer    49  

Don’t forget Tie-Break counts ONLY when scores are level.

Final standings and prize winners will appear here at the end of the season.


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