Shirt Amnesty To Benefit Kids Charities

April 27, 2006


The Supporters Club and Football Club have worked together to announce a way for parents to pay lower prices for their children’s home shirt for next season and to benefit charities at the same time.

Today Rovers launched their new home kit for the 2006-2007 season. There is a retro feel to the kit, with the shirt being a plain design and with a traditional collar. The shorts are much longer reflecting a 50’s feel that is further complimented with a return to the traditional Rovers hooped socks.

The colour of the blue is lighter, reflecting the lightness of the blue in the blue and white quarters when the kit was first introduced in the 1930’s (this also means we can have black numbers instead of red ones on the back of the shirts!). The only modern touches are the material, which is a second generation version of the material used in the England shirts, and the new Cowlin logo which replaces the plain writing on the shirts previously. 

[image2] To coincide with this, the club is introducing a “Shirt Amnesty” for 2005-2006 Errea home shirts in children’s sizes 30,32,36 and 40. If these are returned washed and in good clean condition, a £5 discount will be given off the £27 price for a new 2006-2007 children’s home shirt. This will be available to personal callers at Pirate Leisure or 199 Two Mile Hill or if the shirt is returned through the post with an order for the new home shirt in children’s sizes.

The returned shirts will be used to help children’s charities. The first charity to benefit was introduced to Rovers by Steve Belcher, better known as baseltote on the Fans Forum. Steve put us in touch with Chance for Children, a charity for street children in Accra, Ghana which rehouses children living rough on the streets in the local markets. They run football teams and they will benefit with some home shirts from the amnesty being sent to them.


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